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Guest Jayviator

Problem with my Il-76

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Guest Jayviator

Hi, I recently downloaded S.Varnaskys IL-76 in heavylift colours and i found the proper panel to go with it, I dont know what i have done wrong because even though i have gone through the correct start up procedure the engines only run for a few seconds then i get a message saying fuel level is criticaly low and then the engines cut out, even though i have 100% fuel in all tanks.The strange thing is, in the readme file it shows how to load it and shows a pic from the fuel and payload settings which show it having more fuel tanks than my fuel and payload settings show, mine shows the left aux, left, centre, right and right aux tanks, but the pic on the quick guide shows it having left aux, centre, right aux, centre 2 external 1, external 2, right tip and left tip, so somehow i am missing fuel tanks.Its all rather confuisng i hope someone can help me as ide like to get my Il-76 airbourne, its all part of my Eastleigh (now Southampton intl) airport heritage collection as this plane has visited our airport and i think was probably the largest aircraft to use the airport, was certainly a shock when i saw it on approach many years ago!

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