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FSNav 4.5 - Some weird behavior here....

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I've used FSnavigator for ten years and love it. But recently I built a flightplan using V4.5 and find that when I load the relevant saved flight and re-activate the flightplan during descent (at about 7000') to an airport in Norway, the flightplan connects immediately, but skips all waypoints instantly all the way to the destination runway which is the final waypoint. It skips about 8 waypoints between 7000' and the landing. It also slows the plane down to landing speed when it does this because the last waypoint is my final approach speed. So, in other words, it basically destabilizes the pre-approach and messes up the flight.In this plan, when I load the saved flight I am about 4 miles abeam the airport and the flightplan does a 180 about 8 miles out to swing back to the arrival runway. I am wondering if this might be causing FSNav to skip its head off like this. I've never experienced anything quite this glitchy with it before.Anybody know what might be going on here?Thanks!JS

Jonathan Sacks

Dell XPS Gen 4, Pentium IV Northwood extreme 3.8Ghz, 3Ghz RAM, eVGA 7900 GTO,

12 GoFlight modules plus MCP-PRO AP and EFIS, GF pedestal, CH rudder pedals,

CH throttle quadrant, 42" LG LED, 24" DELL LCD, Windows XP, FS2004, FSUIPC 3.96

FS Autostart 1.1 (Build 11), FS Navigator 4.6, UT, FE, GE, REX, PMDG, Level-D, PSS, etc.

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