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No Hits, No Misses, Lots of Messages, no Scenery

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Hello,I am a newbie to TileProxy, having discovered the program just a few days ago. I downloaded and installed Beta 7 and the updated Proxyuser.INI file according to the manual and the Newbies Quick Guide recomendations.I have to admit that I have had my share of teething problems, but I believe I have everything set up correctly, but I still do not see any sign of the TileProxy scenery.Here is what I do see:1)FSX churning way for hours around 50% cpu use in the process menu of Task Manager, while at the same time FSX all but freezes. I believe this may be a memory issue, and just yesterday I ordered 2GB of Ram from Crucial to see if the additional Ram will help. I currently have 1.5GB of Ram installed. I let it run all night to see if the TileProxy scenery would load, and still had nothing in the morning. FSX did work better and had slowed down to 18-25% cpu use, and I was able to negotiate my way around ths TSX menus again. This told me that the TileProxy scenery had loaded, but where was it?2)In the meantime, Tileproxy was busy working away in its little window, responding to what ever command I gave it from the TileProxy menu in FSX, including changing services, refreshing scenery, disabling and enabling Tileproxy, etc. For a while I was receiving all sorts of error messaages, but I was able to resolve them. Most were related to the TileProxy Photoreal World folder. Even though it appeared to be spelled correctly, Tileproxy couldn't find it until I copied the spelling directly from the Manual. After that It was evident that the BGL files were being copied in to their respective folders in TileProxy Photoreal World. What I see in the Start TileProxy window is best discribed by the attached Image of the Start Tileproxy window. 3)A clue to the problem can be found when I look into the TileProxy Photoreal WorldTexture folders. Even though the Scenery folders are full of BGL flies, there are no BMP files Texture folders. If these are supposed to be installed by the Service provider they are not showing up. TileProxy found the Scenery folders and copied those files, but I don't understand why Service3 can't seem to find them. 4)Right now I have Tileproxy and FSX running, and I am looking at the dreaded black screen, with only the title Bar for FSX showing. Start Tileproxy shows the simualion is running, with 209738 Preloaded, no hits, no misses and 712 messages. I saw no activity from my satellite modem while FSX loaded. It did pause at 33%, but only for a couple of seconds. When it began the Terrain loading again, it was very slow. I currenly haave no add-on scenery activated, just the default stock scenery. When I unload the Tileproxy driver I still have the black screen until I restored FSX and then the defalut scenery again appeared. I just now restarted Tileproxy and after I refresed the secenery from within the Tileproxy menu it began to load the preloaded fles again. FSX Immediately responed by reloading the scensey rather quickly without a pause and returned to the default scenery with no frezes, hangups, or CDTs, operating normally. Task Manager is showing an unually high CPU usage of + o r- 56%, so something is going on. I just checked again and the CPU has come down to 13% to 22% with the memory usage climbing up to around 302,000k and settling at 302, 512. CPU usage has returned to as low as 6&, but does fluxuate up to as high as 27%.It would appear to me that FSX has finished loading the TileProxy scenery, but it is still not displaying for reasons I don't understand. Perhaps it is a memeory issue, I don't know. The missing BMP files is another issue. Otherwise TileProxy appears to be working as it should.No Hits, No Misses, No Scenery. 'Tis a puzzlement. Does anyone have any suggestions?Thanks,Lou

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