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No Elevator Axis In Fsuipc

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I must be doing something wrong but I can't seem to calibrate the elevator axis on the PMDG 737-900. All axis were removed from FS 2004 joystick page and the joystick disabled. The aileron and rudder calibrate just fine but the elevator shows no change whatsoever in the set mode with no increase or decrease with the'in' and 'out' boxes when the elevator is moved. My joystick is the CH Products yoke, I've cleared and reassigned the flight control axis several times but with no help, any suggestions? Other 73's in the package work fine. I ultimately went back to FS 2004 joystick axis page and assigned it there and enable the joy stick, however I would prefer using just FSUIPC for that purpose. dc9man Tom Helwick

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