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Pixels Pixels Everywhere...

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I still run fs9 happily with some great scenery addons. One of them is the VFR Photographic scenery for the UK in four volumes. It first came out in 2002.Now Just Flight and Horizon simulations have come with fsx versions. From the screenshots, the resolution is much higher, making every street, house and garden visible.Could it possible that these might be installed in FS9? There's another angle which may make the FSX versions suitable for FS9.The fabulous freeware vfr scenery for FS9 from the Netherlands 2000 team is at a resolution which matches that of the new vfr sceneries for FSX.The NL 2000 scenery is at 1m/pixel. It makes the Dutch landscape in FS9 look as as sharp as the VFRX screenshots from Horizon for the UK. it must be seen to be believed. You can see every apartment building, house, canal ,street etc, very clearly .So if FS9 can handle such high resolutions, why can't it accept the FSX versions?Eytan Ornstein

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