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first i'd just like to say thanks for putting ASA together it's really quite amazing. ASX was great but this just takes things to a whole new level. in particular the improvements to the overcast depictions and visibility are just fantastic.i had a few hiccups...out of about 12 hours of flying so far i saw on 2 occasions where my temperatures and weather seemed to temporarily reset to some standard value, last night i was flying from KAZO to KTVC in real world weather and it was at 12-15F at 30.2ish for most of the flight but for around 10 minutes my temperature and pressure reset to 59F and 29.91. clouds and visibility snapped too. they returned to expected values after a bit. maybe i caught a bad metar or something? i generally found that my performance in ASX was better without additional stations and route coverage but maybe i should enable them now? does the quadrangle interpolation do its thing if you don't have them enabled?i also noticed fps drops of to 5-15fps on a few occasions. it seemed like it was linked to thermal generation as when i alt-tabbed to look at the log there was some entries about that. i haven't really been able to consistently reproduce that either, and it only happened a few times. i turned down the sliders for thermals a bit which seems to have reduced the issue but i'm not sure if i should expect such a performance hit when they occur, my system is not really top-of-the-line so it's not out of the question that i'm asking too much of it either but generally i run great at 35-50fps with default planes and 25-35 with heavies. also, i was flying through some pretty bad weather when they happened so maybe turning those sliders down and today's weather just meant i didn't run across the same situation that would cause them to generate..anyway i don't mean to nitpick just curious about stuff.. overall i'm really impressed! well done! and merry christmas! :)cheers,-andy crosby

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