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Gypsy Baron

Starting On The Deck Of A Moving Fsx Cv

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Here is how you can put yourself on the deck of a moving CVNin FSX Acelleration that has been placed with Lamont Clark's aicarriers2 or with ships placed using his AI Boat Utility.You must have the SDK Traffic Toolbox installed!Get your aircraft to the nearest airport to the desired carrier.Pause the sim once you are on the ramp or runway, stopped.Open the Explorer window and UN-check the "Aircraft only" box.Look down the list for the "veh_car01_high_detail_sm" entries.Highlight a CV entry. Right-click on the entry and select"Set Position...".You then see the current Lat/Lon and heading of the carrier.Copy and paste the lat/lon/hdg values to a temporary text file with notepad.Next,locate your aircraft in the Explorer list and right-click on your aircraft.Select "Set Position..." and then simply copy and pastethe lat/lon/hdg data from the text file into the appropriateboxes and set the ALT to approximately 67.2'.Click "OK" and you should find yourself on deck.After getting the aircraft on the CVN deck and BEFORE exiting PAUSE mode,you need to enter SLEW mode ( Y key ).Note: if your setup is like mine and slew mode sends you flying insome direction at high speed, then go to the "Controls" menu and temporarilyun-check the "Enable Controler(s)" box.When in SLEW mode, now UN-PAUSE the sim. You should hopefully remain on the deck.Now you can exit SLEW mode ( re-enable controllers if necessary )and taxi to the catapult!Another method I have used when inflight...Pause the sim and open the FSX "Map".Move your aircraft icon to the lat/lon of the sure to set the correct heading and altitude andspeed. The ALT should be set to about 67.2' for own aircraft. Set speed to "0" or 25kts if CV is moving.You will need to use the "Enter SLEW mode, exit PAUSE, then exit SLEW mode" as above.This is less precise than my first method but should get you there.For some reason that only ACES knows, using the "Set position" for this method causesthe aircraft to immediately takeoff at 170 kts or so if you do not use the above SLEW modeentry procedure first.As for saving the flight for later use:If the carrier you move to is one that has been programmed using the AI Boat Utility( on a scheduled, defined route ) then you can SAVE the flight once on deck and thenload it again in the future. be SURE to enter PAUSE before saving the flight and whenyou re-load it, go through the "enter SLEW, un-pause, exit SLEW" procedure.You can't successfuly save and re-load a flight that uses a CVN placed using theaicarriers2 utility, however you CAN use the above "Set Position" procedure to place yourself on the deck of those CVN's from inflight.PaulNote: I just used the Beech Baron \for testing as it is my default flight :)

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