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MD11 + TrackIR4

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To the PMDG DEVSI posted a issue I was having with the MD11 Track IR and multi monitors that has made the aircraft unflyable in the VC. I'm sure it annoys you when people say it works fine on the 747/737/Default Aircraft etc but here are my specs and I would appreciate any input you give to help my issue as flying in 2D long term is not an option for me.Specs Core 2 Duo E8600 4ghz, win xp pro 32bit, ATI4870 512mb, 2gig Ram, large defragged drive with FS9.1 all major scenery and fs9 is liquid smooth under any scenario.Ok I've been flying the 744 for a long time now with TrackIR on a 42" LCD and other panels like EICAS, Overhead etc running on two separate monitors and it's always worked flawlessly.When I first purchased the MD11 I Undocked the monitors as normal and sat in the VC and began getting familiar with the aircraft. I started noticing that at times the picture would skip or jump, Now anyone who uses TrackIR will know what it's like when you have a bright light source near active camera (it goes crazy) so I checked my settings and all was fine and I tried my best to ignore it. After a few day's of testing I made a post on here saying I had narrowed it down to the mouse pointer, It would seem that if the mouse was over The PFD's or overhead buttons this would cause the screen to start jumping, so to confirm I was not going crazy I loaded the 744 performed a quick flight and it worked perfectly.Well I knew a patch was coming so I decided to stay quiet and see if it's something random that may be fixed when I re-install but the issue is still there.So Finally last night I did some testing and Found If I put the FS9 frame rate slider to Max in the MD11 TrackIR goes nuts and starts shaking all over the place constantly. This does not happen with any other aircraft, I normally have FS9 Frames locked at 30 and PMDG Gauge refresh set at 25-30 In this scenario the jumping I described is intermittent but still too noticeable to use the VC.Can anyone test this or offer some advice?? Rob Prest

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