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  1. I haven't tried X-Plane yet, am pretty much glued to Elite dangerous now. Taking a break from flight sims, with the exception of the P51 in DCS @propsfan - It's normally the walking around demo's that can make people sick, even with a steady 75FPS. Vehicles/Aircraft etc are fine
  2. Mate i've been running VR for months, trust me you need that 75FPS minimum or you feel sick. Sure the software will run but it will be bad experiance. FSX and P3D are not ready, FSX likely never will. For a good sim experience DCS or Outerra is the best option.
  3. DK2 needs 75fps, CV1 will likely need more depending on the refresh rate. Hense why I haven't touched FSX or P3D since going to VR.
  4. The main thing that shocks people is that everything is real size, the immersion is incredible, it makes even the most mundane thing become amazing. Unfortunately it killed FS for me, you really have to try it on software that was designed for VR. Elite Dangerous or Asseto Corsa are good examples. Hopefully in the next year or so it will look great in P3D. It works pretty well in DCS, the great thing is you are not looking at a screen, you are inside the A-10, everything is correct size as you look around. Very hard to describe I was just flying circuits in the A-10 and P51 for hours, it's like owning your aircraft. I can only imagine what the PMDG 777 will feel like. @Oracle, I have been using the DK2 with Elite dangerous for around 5 months, everything becomes natural, you can still use the keyboard if you want, you adjust to it. I use software called voice attack, it is a programmable voice recognition and response system that only costs $8. Insane value for money, it control everythings on my computer, for FS you can easily set it up to work like a first officer, it will handle anything, even complex tasks.
  5. Cant wait for the CV1. The DK2 was basically a life changer for me, could never go back to normal monitors with trackIR now.
  6. I think Emirates & Qatar alone is enough to keep Airbus happy. I guarantee a Sheikh from Saudi or the UAE will pick up one of these A380's to use as a private jet
  7. Thanks mate, I have enough sims to keep me entertained. Will check back in maybe a year or so. Cheers
  8. Hi, since I bought a DK2 I can't bring myself to use a normal monitor again. Haven't touched my FS setup. I understand the Dk2 will work with P3D? Ideally I would like to run the PMDG 777 in Virtual reality, is this possible? Money is not an issue, so I can put together the required rig. The issue I see is I need a stable 75fps in the sim. Has anyone got this working? After spending years and thousands on hardware/projecters, tracking software etc, 5mins in my DK2 actually put me inside the simulation, it's breathtaking, can't be described. Normal monitors and TrackIR is not an option anymore, so I'm willing to wait a few years if P3D is not ready for VR.. Cheers
  9. Guy's, I don't have anything to do with Airsimmer (or flightsim) Anymore. However I do have direct contact with the Airsimmer devs. Can anyone having issues please PM me directly, I hardly log on here, however I do get an email notification if someone PM's me. Cheers
  10. Hey, Sorry for the late reply, I don't post here much anymore. I use voice recognition software called voice attack. My keyboard is pretty much redundant. It is very easy to setup and create macro's, I even control my media player with it. It cost's around $10 You can add voice packs, some are not cheap, I use Ivona 'English Amy' Feel free to PM me, I get a notification so am more likely to get back to you faster. Cheers http://www.ivona.com/. http://www.voiceattack.com/ This guy's video is pretty old, the software is very slick now
  11. Hey Rafal, thanks for the kind words. And Mike, good to hear from you mate Yeah it is a shame, only so much I could do for a company like that. I still had tons of hours worth on enjoyment from it, in fact years of enjoyment. Anyway, have been informed the site is planned to be back online this Friday 6th. Oh and guy's definitely get an Oculus CV1 when it comes out, the DK2 is mind blowing, I would never go back to TrackIR and a normal monitor. Cheers
  12. Hi Guy's and especially Rafal! I quit flight simming a long time ago when I discovered the joys of the Oculus Rift DK2 and Elite dangerous! Will come back to FS in a a year or so hopefully. Regarding Airsimmer, well I am not happy with the situation at all, no warning was given regarding the website, I could have at least prewarned customers and tried to setup a temporary forum for those with issues. The official line is it will be back up soon.. Well they told me that 3 weeks ago :/ I would suggest contacting Fllght1. Or send me a PM here and I will see if I can resolve the issue. I have no idea if the website problem will effect activation's, unfortunately I no longer have any version of FS installed to test this myself. Cheers.
  13. Hi, So I haven't touched FSX for nearly six months. Bought an Oculus rift DK2 and can't go back to flying with TrackIR on a normal screen :( Has anyone tried the rift with PMDG aircraft? It requires 75FPS minimum. My question is specific to PMDG, not default aircraft in FSX. This Damn rift has ruined Flight simming for me, now fly spaceships in Elite Dangerous..
  14. Logitech Attack 3 is the closest feel I've had to the real thing. Haven't found anything closer except replica sidesticks. https://support.logitech.com/en_in/product/302 http://www.flightdecksolutions.com/components/a320/a320-flight-controls/a320-pro-mx-series-sidestick/
  15. Very strange then. have you tried swapping the wav file? Every time I have seen this problem the wav file is the culprit. The users settings do not like the frequency the rumble was recorded at. Anyway, my point is the issue is always on the users end, not an issue with the software itself. Good luck mate! Am sure the devs will find you a solution.
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