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  1. Well you still need to understand the basics, you can push or pull HDG & ALT to achieve different results. You pull the heading selector for HDG select, pull the altitude selector for open climb or descent. Selected modes have nothing to do with LNAV/VNAV (Managed in Airbus terms) The basics are - SELECTED (Pull) - HDG select, Vertical speed, open climb/descent = You are steering the aircraft through the autopilot panel (FCU) just like the default FS aircraft. MANAGED (Push) - Equivalent to Boeing's LNAV/VNAV you are flying the aircraft through a pre-programmed FMGS A simple way to visualize the push and pull philosophy. Push - You are pushing to give the aircraft full control. Pull - You are pulling to take back control and steer through the autopilot
  2. Technically you can operate the A320 using just HDG SELECT, Vertical speed & altitude hold. You don't even need to program the FMGS, just enter the departure and arrival arrival airport. You can if you wish just fly raw data in rose mode on the Nav display just like the default fs aircraft. This is done a lot in circuit training real world. Personally I say follow the advice of others here, spend a little time studying and it will be rewarding in the end, The AXE is still just a medium level sim, it wont take too long to get up and running
  3. Bruce, Many of us are silently following this thread absorbing some good info. You are contributing absolutely nothing to this thread except poor humor, sarcasm, and what seems like general trolling. Please, either start contributing something constructive, log a ticket with PMDG or just sit back & make yourself a warm cup of STFU while the rest here try to resolve this issue..
  4. If you search this forum you will find quite a few posts on this subject. I often fly on a Qatar 777-300 back & forth from Doha to Bahrain. Flight time is around 20 minutes covering roughly 80 miles depending on wind direction and runway in use. Cruise altitude is 12000/13000ft and usually the flight is nearly empty, revenue come from the cargo below. BA also fly the same route using the 777 or 744
  5. FLEX1978

    Slow Takeoffs

    He said his departure airport was Hong Kong (VHHH) TORA is 3800 (M)
  6. Definitely agree with everyone regarding the FPS hit. My machine is pretty powerful, I can run the PMDG 777 with heavy weather & scenery without it breaking a sweat. Night environment on high set my FPS from 60 in Dubai down to 20, fortunately on the lowest setting it still looks great and doesn't hit the FPS.
  7. Yes, tweak your system and FSX correctly.
  8. Problem on your end. Check the null zone on your toe brakes. Regards
  9. What I don't understand is why clouds cast shadows on water and not land?
  10. Your issue has nothing to do with this topic. Submit a ticket, a few other people have experienced the same issue as you.
  11. Ryan said this has been fixed. I had a topic on this a few weeks back. A Korean simmer kindly modified those sounds to reduce the size and eliminate the pauses. It works for now
  12. Yes, full compensation in flight. Only partial compensation on the ground, this is so the pilot can quickly identify which engine has failed during a critical phase (At or near V1)
  13. FLEX1978

    Rat retraction

    FMC - PMDG SETUP - AIRCRAFT - FAILURES Click on active failure - It will be on 'Doors RAT DEPLOYED' Clear the failure, RAT will be stowed. Regards
  14. Thrust asymmetry compensation, it will partially trim out asymmetry on the ground, in flight it will provide full trim in the event of a loss of thrust or full failure of one of the engines. With or without A/P engagement. On the ground only partial trim is applied so the pilot flying can quickly identify the failure through feel. Those are the basics but you get the idea. Regards
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