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  1. FLEX1978

    Slow Takeoffs

    He said his departure airport was Hong Kong (VHHH) TORA is 3800 (M)
  2. Problem on your end. Check the null zone on your toe brakes. Regards
  3. Your issue has nothing to do with this topic. Submit a ticket, a few other people have experienced the same issue as you.
  4. Ryan said this has been fixed. I had a topic on this a few weeks back. A Korean simmer kindly modified those sounds to reduce the size and eliminate the pauses. It works for now
  5. Yes, full compensation in flight. Only partial compensation on the ground, this is so the pilot can quickly identify which engine has failed during a critical phase (At or near V1)
  6. FLEX1978

    Rat retraction

    FMC - PMDG SETUP - AIRCRAFT - FAILURES Click on active failure - It will be on 'Doors RAT DEPLOYED' Clear the failure, RAT will be stowed. Regards
  7. Thrust asymmetry compensation, it will partially trim out asymmetry on the ground, in flight it will provide full trim in the event of a loss of thrust or full failure of one of the engines. With or without A/P engagement. On the ground only partial trim is applied so the pilot flying can quickly identify the failure through feel. Those are the basics but you get the idea. Regards
  8. TAC would have kicked in before the other engine flamed out.. Whoever came up with that theory doesn't understand the 777
  9. Robin, I wouldn't take too much notice of ANZ121...
  10. Haha, so true! especially with expat pilots.
  11. The last 3 hours of CVR will be recorded. More importantly the full data from the FDR will paint a good picture, (if found) everything including both pilots inputs on the yoke and every switch flipped of cascading failure. The FDR should give investigators a very accurate picture of what happened - be it fire,depressurization, hijacking or Aliens. Anyway, if those last 3 hours are silent it tells everyone more then enough. Regards
  12. Forensics1, theirs no emergency switch on the transponder. You simply squawk a code. The only reason they would move it is from TA/RA to TA (to avoid resolution advisories) That is required in many non normal situations when aircraft performance is a factor, it only requires one click to the left. Regards
  13. They didn't uplift any extra fuel. They had enough for the trip and typical company reserves. climbing back up to cruise again would burn of a fairly large chunk of the trip fuel.
  14. Exodus, They seemed to have confirmed that the F/O made the last transmission. This normally means he is acting in the role of PM (Pilot Monitoring) Roles are generally switched depending on who is flying the aircraft, walk around, programing the FMC, adjust the MCP etc.. Culture & airline SOP also dictate how things work so nothing is set in stone. Either way, one guy programs, the other must verify. It is all about working as a team. Regards
  15. Have said it before.... You do not need a home flight sim to learn how to operate an airliner. As long as you have a credit card you can purchase sim time, if any of you want a 777 type rating you can pay for it, if any of you want to fly for an airline you can pay for it. Lastly, if you have no money you can download an FCOM of the internet.
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