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  1. Just for clarification, 3.2.1 did remove the ability to use both the lua script and SkyMaxx Pro together? Also I wonder what is in the aforementioned roadmap to cater for those who see this as a good combination if such functionality has in fact been removed? I have not read the X-Aviation fora because other than difficulties getting resets for downloads I've never had problems with X-Aviation, they are my provider of choice for XP products, offering what are simply the best products out there.
  2. Another help is more cores/threads. I went from the four core i5 to a 6 core 12 thread i7 which dramatically reduced loading times with photoscenery etc. I used to have to wait 15 minutes too, down to about three now. No SSD here, too much scenery.
  3. Tony, any chance you'd have a link to the version of W2xp earlier than 0.99? I couldn't get 0.99 to work. Currently using 0.74.
  4. I'd like to see Laminar take the same approach to autogen as you did in your GBPro Tony, do you think it would or could work for them?
  5. Personally I would think upgrading the card and RAM would be enough for the moment.
  6. The XP aircraft market has really improved and gotten some life into it which is great to see. Will br buying this one as their previous have been excellent, some of my favorite birds.
  7. Yes Elaine you are basically correct. Ortho is hard enough to install but I have the process down now. I installed it for two guys over teamviewer last night so if you need any help with it that's no problem. I find the effect is excellent, especially with rivers and coastlines. I used W2XP 0.74 for the OSM (couldn't get 0.99 to work), Tony is right the data is sparse but still the effect is excellent overall. I also use trees and farms (AlpilotX) which adds to the overall effect even if I wish I could get rid of the farms bit. To me it creates as close to the perfect VFR environment as can be had and it's more than close enough for me tbh, I can't speak highly enough of it.
  8. Elaine, I seem to remember you being Irish, have you started on, or are you interested in Irish photoscenery? I got Ortho4XP working and it;s producing wonderful scenery for Ireland. I had it all done with G2xpl but Ortho is better.
  9. As a European, it's hard not to think that America has seriously lost its way which is worrying for the world.
  10. I'm quite happy with the updates, ever moving in the right direction. These guys are doing something that REX evidently could not and there is nothing else that even comes close to what they are doing in my opinion.
  11. I don't think X-Plane needs saving, it's been running along for quite a while now under its own steam. I'm sure though that you are right about it drawing a lot of simmers of a certain demographic who might now be willing to venture farther than the Microsoft/Lockheed castle which can only help the cause. Quite how many will be tempted will be interesting to see.
  12. I followed much the same process, FSX to XP, some years back. I have bought all the versions of P3d as they came out more out of curiosity than anything else to find it was essentially still FSX. So whereas I've checked out the competition I've found nothing to compare. When I discovered I could make free photoscenery with autogen atop it there was never any chance of even having the two sims maintained together as many like to do, there was only one head and shoulders above the rest. Welcome to XP, you're gonna love it.
  13. Have you used GPU-Z to check how much VRAM is actually being used? The indication you get from XP is just the size of loaded textures and should not be relied upon. I find you have to adjust things until your usage is below what's on your card or you get stutters. Worth a shot, worked for me though it looks from your screenie like it's unlikely to be the problem tbh. You really should reduce your cloud puffs to 10% though.
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