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Just wondering what the best approach would be for an XML APU gauge, I know that I can do it in a few ways just wondering what is the easiest, most feasable, and one that works best with a complicated panel. I've got it so far just wondering what you guys think.This is for FS9, a four engined aircraft, complicated bleed systems etc.Here's what I've got right now :( :

<Gauge Name="APU MASTER SWITCH">   <Element>      <Select>         <Value>(L:APU_MAST_SWITCH, bool)</Value>         <Case Value="0">            <Image Name="START.bmp"/>         </Case>         <Case Value="1">            <Image Name="OFF.bmp"/>			         </Case>         <Case Value="2">            <Image Name="RUN.bmp"/>         </Case>      </Select>   </Element>      <Mouse>        <Cursor Type="Hand"/>	    <Click>1 (>L:C17-ON, number) (L:APU_MAST_SWITCH,enum) ++ d 3 < * (>L:APU_MAST_SWITCH,enum)		(L:APU_MAST_SWITCH,enum) 0 == if{ 0 (>L:APU_RUN,bool) 0 (>L:APU_START,bool) }		(L:APU_MAST_SWITCH,enum) 1 == if{ 0 (>L:APU_RUN,bool) 1 (>L:APU_START,bool) }		(L:APU_MAST_SWITCH,enum) 2 == if{ 1 (>L:APU_RUN,bool) 1 (>L:APU_START,bool) }				</Click>   </Mouse></Gauge>

On other thing I was wondering is whats the best way to make a 32bit BMP look good, since FS9 recks it to a lower bit. :( :( Thx!

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