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  1. Does anyone know if the Nearest Selected variables work? I can set the select number but I get nothing for the names or lat/lons of the selected.Such as: NearestVorSelectedVorLatitude
  2. Thank You Jan. There isn't a difference between the two values though?
  3. I'm actually more freeware than it seems you think or than I seem to have been labeled, but I suppose I'm not labeled that way....I'll see what I can figure out from your advice, thank you Jan. Thank You Bill, makes great sense now. Currently I'm just using a clip to make it look decent I may potentially add a mask if needed, this is great fun though - pie & arc rule!Thank You guys!
  4. Just tested, they work now on mine too. Thank You Jan.You're saying Axis is more advisable than pivot correct?Would you be able to teach me/point me in the right directions for creating custom flightplan lines & symbols?
  5. Jan I tried that but it didn't work.Bill, you're the man - again - thank you. The only difference I can tell from my code and yours is that there's no nonlinarity table and you've changed the value it seems to be an angel of 360 from what I can tell.What's the difference between the corrected N1 and the TURB ENG1 N1?EDIT: Bill you said that you hid the other two with the first one and the first one with a mask? How did you hid the other two with the first one?FYI, for whatever odd reason (A:TURB ENG1 N1,perecent) percent will not work, only the corrected [(A:TURB ENG CORRECTED N1:1,percent)] works. I replaced the corrected in bills code with turb eng1 n1 and it didn't work and then I put in the corrected into the initial code I used and it moved just as bills does now. I still don't know the difference between the too but corrected works with pie and turb eng1 n1 won't.
  6. I thought it would be appropriate to post this here as it's where I learned it.The thing wont budge, why? <Element> <Pie Radius="50" StartAngle="360" EndAngle="270" LineWidth="2" Color="#DDDDDD" FillColor="#525252" Bright="Yes"> <Pivot X="51" Y="51"/> </Pie> <Rotate> <Value>(A:TURB ENG1 N1,perecent)</Value> <Nonlinearity> <Item Value="0.0" X="50" Y="0"/> <Item Value="40.0" X="0" Y="50"/> </Nonlinearity> </Rotate> </Element> If I manually put something else in the value like 40 it moves perfectly but other then that it will not move when N1 increases/decreases at all.
  7. Okay it seems I've come across something that might get me somewhere, would I use something likeWaypointVorLatitude & WaypointVorLongitudeFirst to get the correct position of - I guess all VOR's - then to place a image or what not on those positions? And I guess I would do the same for other things like NDB's, Airports and runways? :( On a different matter than the one above, but having to do with the GPS system I would like to ask this question:I've built an FMC, and within it I've built a system that can understand numbers and letters, anyway long story short on my Route page I can set the DEST Airport ICAO and what not but it essentially doesn't mean anything so what I've been wanting to do is if there isn't a flight plan active then the DEST airport I enter I want it to be the direct to airport I go to. Now when I show the DEST ICAO it's loaded into four different L:Vars one for each letter, what I want to do is make each one of those letters be understood by the fs9gps.dll Anyway here's the code: (@c:FlightPlanIsActiveFlightPlan) 0 == if{ (L:FMC-RTE-DEST-1,number) 64 > (L:FMC-RTE-DEST-4,number) 64 > (L:FMC-RTE-DEST,bool) 0 == and and if{ 1 (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchStartCursor) (L:FMC-RTE-DEST-1,number) (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchEnterChar) (C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) 1 + (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) (L:FMC-RTE-DEST-2,number) (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchEnterChar) (C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) 1 + (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) (L:FMC-RTE-DEST-3,number) (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchEnterChar) (C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) 1 + (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchCursorPosition) (L:FMC-RTE-DEST-4,number) (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchEnterChar) 1 (>C:fs9gps:IcaoSearchStopCursor) 1 (>@c:FlightPlanDirectToDestination) 1 (>L:FMC-RTE-DEST,bool) } } I don't have much experience with the fs9gps.dll so I don't know how newbish that looks? :( Thanks for the help!Engjell BerishaGood Day!
  8. How would I go about achieving what ever I want - what you did with the intersection symbols & runway & VOR - I know I can't edit the FS9GPS.dll, so I wonder what you did to achieve such a result in your display? I would assume you collected information from the module and then drew up the symbols - how would one do that, collect the information, then display the appropriate symbol in respect to the information...?I've been going crazy trying to figure something out from the default GPS's or somewhere online but I can't find anything that would even lead me in the right direction, everything I've come across so far seems to be limited to the default ugly runway blocks not like yours at all!I assume it would be troublesome for you to teach me exactly how to do it, but if you would just point me in the right direction?You had originally said: "As for the "custom display" of VORs, NDBs, Intersections, et cetera one simply takes the returned Lat/Lon for each one and draws one's own graphic in lieu of having the default drawn."This seems quite troublesome to me, I can not fathom how to take the LAT/LON for every intersection that is to be displayed within the range of the window a (In my case a min of 5NM and Max of 320NM) and neglect displaying the one that's there and display my own image... :(
  9. Anyone here know how this can be done?By this I mean using your own drawings for the symbols of waypoints and what not.
  10. Bill would you be able to show me some example code on how to achieve this? I'm un-able to conceive how to do so. :( The main things I want to accomplish are to produce the following things:Coustom drawings/txt for the Intersections, VOR's, NDB's, and RWY's - I'm assuming you've tied this to an FMC as to select the departure/arrival runway and then show it on the ND.And another really usefull bit of code would be the vertical speed trend bar.I appreciate any/all the help you can provide me with!
  11. I know I'm really late on this topic, but is Eric right? In that did you indeed construct that display using XML? :( I've been trying for ages to figure out how to code just one of the features of your display, to no avail and you've constructed everything I've ever wanted to get out of a XML display.How'd you go about creating the climb/descend prediction bar (The green one, don't know the right term for it). How is it possible to change the display of Intersections, NDB's, VOR's, Airports, and runways the way you've done so in your display? :( :( Achieveing something anywhere near what you've achieved in your display has become my insparation, I've put it up on my desktop to be inspired to build it! B) B)
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