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Multi-player Open event - 1900z-2200z Sunday April 5th

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An is holding one of its monthly "String of Pearls" events on Sunday April 5th, 1900z to 2200z, and we've decided to make it open to anyone to join in via Gamespy. We hope to have at least 100 pilots over the 3-hour period of the event, and we'll have 5 airports open with Tower and Approach ATC manned at each, plus a New York Center controller. It should be a great event, and we'd love to see any of you at AVSIM join in.How to join inYou'll need to use FSX SP2, and log onto Gamespy. (Sorry, there is no way of using other versions of Flight Simulator). Look for the FS-MP session in the Free Flight lobby (it may be called >FS-MP Community< or something like that). Join at one of the event airports (see the list of 5 airports below) but make sure you spawn at a gate or parking. The server rejects any attempt to spawn on a runway.Once in game, contact the tower on the radio frequency shown below, and they'll help you to get airbourne from there. Or just join the session and look at the player names to see which towers are signed in - the radio frequency is included in their game name.Important note - this is not an attempt to recruit people away from AVSIM to Rather, it is just an open invitation to come and join us for what should be a fun event, and we want to have as many pilots enjoy it as possible. Hope to see some of you on Sunday... smile.gifEvent detailsNew York Center - Sec 50 BGM Low 5th April 2009 From 1900z to 2200z (or the last controller drops!) With the success of the current String of Pearls we take things a little farther and expand to New York Center Sector 50 BGM Low. Added to the complexity we open ELM Approach, BGM Approach, AVP Approach, and 2 sectors in the Tracon- JFK and SWF. This should give the Pilots and Controllers a totally life-like aviation experience. It requires a commitment of 5 Approach controllers, 5 Tower controllers and 1 NY Center controller. Join in and help to make this an event of a life time. Our String of Pearls events are particularly well received by controllers and pilots of all abilities, and utilize unique, custom software to enable perfect, timeless communication between our Real-World ATC trained Virtual Air Traffic Controllers and our Sim Pilots. The Airports & Airspace This event is an introduction to center control. It is centered around KJFK, KSWF, KAVP, KBGM and KELM airports/approaches and NY Center Sector 50 . As you can tell, these airports are also relatively close so you won't have time to eat, drink, or nap while flying or controlling. These airports are served by numerous air carriers and by many corporate and general aviation aircraft. Fly what you'd like, a C172 or a Southwest B737 or maybe that B747 you just never get to fly. Just remember keep it under 250kts below 10,000ft but let it rip from 10000 to 14000. And , if you decide on a heavy aircraft make sure the runways are compatible. (Hint- SWF and JFK are) Link to Area Map for printing. These routings and sectors are somewhat real world, but altitudes and boundries have been modified to fit in with our event. (For example Sec 50 actually owns up to FL230) This event is one more step to increasing our FS-MP capacity toward actual Approach/Center interaction. Flight plans and the Sector 50 Radar Map can be downloaded from the link below. Now included is a Word Document file with the routings laid out for you to cut and paste into your flight plan file. There is also a Flight Plan.ZIP file that has all the flight plans in it. Download them individually or the zip file with them all.Flight Plans (.pln), Doc file and Map Controller Sign Up NY Center Sector 50 (133.35) = John Goodwin & ATCS-radar ************************************************** ****************** JFK SWF Sector Approach (132.75) = Bond007 Tower (121.00) = Cheeseman123 - (instructor?) ************************************************** ****************** KJFK Airport and JFK Sector Approach (123.70) = KenATC Tower (119.10) = Flyer522 ************************************************** ****************** KAVP Approach (124.50) = ArizonaPilot Tower (120.10) = Simon_131 ************************************************** ****************** KBGM Approach (118.6) = Tim500739 Tower (119.30) = degers ************************************************** ****************** KELM Approach (119.45) = Chris0228 Tower (121.10) = Blue-18 Most of all, have fun and with a good turnout this should be another great event !!!

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