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  1. You should have seen how badly I had to treat the F-80 to also post at 20:37!!!!!! Amazing, well done.
  2. Hey guys. To be honest, I'll just be glad if I've even got a wingman! If I've got a wingman than can take off behind me, overtake me, and land more than 5 minutes ahead of me, that would be amazing!! It just won't happen. As suggested, let's give it a try, and see how it goes. Getting excited now... :smile: Regards, Martin.
  3. Great! And good to hear those guys are all still flying too.
  4. Hi Sergio, good to see you're still flying, and that you might join in the race! As Mike has kindly said, I joined Sim-Outhouse for RTW racing after the iFly team folded. You also may remember Steve (Venture06) from iFly, who has raced for FlightSim.com the last few of years. I'm sure any of the three teams would love to have you on their rosta! :smile: Regards, Martin.
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