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I found the solution to my Multi Screen issue!

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Hello,A couple of days ago, I was just digging out some old 19" CRT monitor from my basement so that I could fly multiscreen on FSX.My goal was to keep using my current screen as my usual virutal cockpit in fullscreen mode and have the panels I would use in flight on the extra monitor. Although, I was very unsatisfied with the result and failed to find much help online. It was either running in extended desktop mode which, for example, cut the PFD in half on a 737, or in windowed mode which required much window undocking and many size adjustements.I just wanted to share how I finally resolved that issue.First of all for FSX to 'understand' that you got two monitors you gotta properly setup windows. Now bear with me :My main issue was in fact that if I got to windows 'Display settings', that panel would only show one monitor. To solve that, I had to find the drivers for both apparels. Upon the reboot of the machine that panel would correctly show two monitors, for which I could adjust the parameters independently. Thats Windows 'Dual View' mode.From that point, FSX would see those distinctive monitors and allow me to run the game in full screen on the first one and drag panels and views on the second one without having to even use the undocking thingy. Before that when I used extended desktop, going into Options=>Parameters=>Display Settings in FSX would only allow me to choose one card in the device droppign menu, thus limiting me into having to use a resolution like 3000x1200. As stated above, I didnt like it. It felt weird and the front axis was right where the image was cut in half.After having setup Windows correctly, I had a second card in the device dropping menu in FSX, and could adjust it independently, just like on my desktop.I can now fly in fullscreen virtual cockpit on my main screen and drag what I need on the extra one.Hope that helps!Im using :Windows XP (fully updated).A Nvidia 9800 GTX+ with the latest drivers.FSX fully updated.Two CRT 19" monitors

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