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Possible Solution For Those having PMDG issues

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I have been having issues with PMDG since first few minutes of using it.Screen goes black or whole plane goes transparent and all sorts of screen funnies if you dare change views or go to FSx menus etc. Infact on one occasion a 747 AI plane went transparent as my MD11 got close to it, very strange. But since i have been silenced and threatened with a ban from avsim for alerting others to potential issues with PMDG before they pay $100 for a fuselage of stressfull times, i will maintain the PMDG propaganda and stop that there.Something i have done that is so far, i repeat so far, having very promising results is this. And others have had good results with similar technique.!!!DONT BOTHER TO REINSTALL FSX AS SUGGESTED BY PMDG FAQ!!!! Changes nothing.NOTE : This has been tested with SP1/Sp2 only, i dont know if you get same results with acceleration. But acceleration only seemed to make pMDG issues worse for me. However i later found i never installed the SDK for accelration just the SDk2 that is for i think SP2. But still i get better perfs and smoothness with sp1/2So on to possible fix .................First set your defualt flight in FSX to use any defualt aircraft and not PMDG plane1 - Uninstall Sp2, start a flight, shut down fsx with end flight then X out, then restart PC2 - Install Sp1, start a flight, then end flight and X out. On my system FSX does OOM when i start flight here cause sp2 not installed, but its ok, just exit.3 - Install SP2, but dont start fsx yet.4 - If using non default textures like REX GEX etc, reinstall your desired textures at this stage, NOTE: dont reinstall the tool, just the textures you want for FSX. For me , i use REX, so i go to generate new theme and click install. 5 - Start FSX Flight, load PMDG, and play around with menues and views to check the plane is not making screen funnies as before. One thing that still seems to get the funny screen back is if i go to a numbr of Ai planes then return to PMDG to find its gone transparent again. But this happens less often now.6- This is very optional, But it helped me fix a problem that started occuring after an overclock caused FSX to keep crashing mid flight, even after i reduced the clock to normal settings. IT IS to insert FSX CD and select the option to repair an existing installation. THIS STEP MUST GO BEFORE sTEP 2 ABOVE. And you need to start FSX flight after this step also. You could add this step for completeness if you wish. But i would onlly recommend it if you think you have FSX issues outside PMDG context.So far i have made two flights with no issues, but before among other things, my VC always goes see through during descent, even without touching FSX menus or chnaging views. But it has not happened in last two flights.Just Beware That Avsim is not only used by FSx hobbyists, but also salesmen are here who would try to sell tools, and silence anybody who tries to inform the rest about tools that have issues, and possibly not worth the purchase. So far a thread i started about PMDG issues has already been locked/deleted from view.Hope the fix helps those who already have spent 100$ for PMDG and its gathering dust in the digital hanger. And Beware Of Avsim Sales PROPAGANDA.i7920 @ 3.8Ghz Vista 64/ Gtx 285 BufferPools 400 000 000 Jaskan Factor

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