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Gauge Stuttering in Virtual Cockpits with GF4 card

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Hello,I'm having a never ending problem with gauge refresh rates in FS2002 virtual cockpits and I cannot find a resolution. Specifically, when switching to most aircraft VC's I encounter very jerky gauge movements. The outside scenery display is smooth in VC mode but suffers from 'patchy' ground texture loading, i.e., there will frequently be blank square sections of ground texture tiles for a fraction of a second at intermittent times. This only happens when I am in the VC view. I experience neither gauge stuttering nor patchy ground texture loading when using 2D cockpit views and/or spot plane views.My computer specs include:CPU: Athlon XP 2100+MB: Asus A7V266 (VIA KT266A Northbridge Chipset)Graphics: Gainward GF4 Ti4200 64 meg 3.2ns card @ 275mhz core, 595 Mhz Memory Main Ram: Kingston 512 megs DDR @266MhzSound: Creative SB Live! Value PCI OS: Windows XP Home, Service Pack 1 installedDrivers: Video, Nvidia Detonator XP 41.09 MB, Latest VIA Hyperion chipset drivers Sound, Latest Creative XP Liveware update audio drivers DirectX, 9.0aI currently have Windows XP tweaked as a 'gamers platform' with mininum resource usage by the OS (unneeded services disabled including system restore, indexing, print spooler, ect.) I have the screensaver disabled, no desktop background image, Windows running in Classic mode with all animation and sound turned down to the lowest settings. I operate my computer with the case open on both sides and the front in additon to having a window mounted air conditioning unit in the same room. This puppy is not overheating :) I run FS2002 always on a 'clean slate' with no OS background processes at all. I use the latest Rivatuner to set the GF4 - this version of RTuner is compatible with the 41.09 XP driver set. What I have tried to fix the VC gauge stuttering:Adjusted AGP aperature in BIOS through from 16meg to 256 megs, no effectTurned off Video Fast Writes, no effectTurned off Video Side Band Addressing, no effectTurned off all anti-aliasing via Rivatuner, no effectTurned off Antisotropic filtering via Rivatuner, no effectTurned down FS2002 screen resolution, no effectTurned off aircraft reflections in FS2002, no effectTurned aircraft textures to lowest settings in FS2002, no effectTurned off water texture detail and reflection in FS2002, no effectTurned down VC gauge quality to lowest setting in FS2002, no effectTurned down scenery density/visibility in FS2002, no effect Turned off all AI traffic, no effectDisabled/Removed all FS add-on aircraft and utilities, no effectRemoved Soundblaster PCI card and deleted all sound drivers, no effectRemoved Sidewinder 2 joystick and disabled all USB ports, no effectInstalled every Detonator driver set imaginable, no effectCuriously, my old GF2 MX400 card ran the FS2002 VC gauges very smoothly (albeit in low quality VC gauge mode) and I did not experience the ground texture tiles blanking as I do with the GF4 Ti 4200 in virtual cockpit. Both cards have 64 megs of video ram.The only common denominator I can see here is some fluke with my new GF4 Ti4200 card itself, I feel like I have eliminated all other possibilities. Reading through archived messages on this forum I have noticed other FS2002 GF4 users have had very similar experiences with a GF4 card and VC gauge stuttering; some users have seemingly found solutions but I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere. Actually I can run the default FS2002 Baron VC, the Cessna 182s and 172s VCs with no gauge stuttering at all. I do however still get the patchy ground texture anomaly with these aircraft in Virtual cockpit mode as well though. I begin to get VC gauge stuttering a little with the default Caravan and more so with the default Bell helicopter. The VC gauge stutters happen big time with the FSD Seneca V and the Flight1 Cessna 421, obviously more complex aircraft but Ishould have the horsepower to handle these add-on aircraft as I have read where other users with less computer specs are having smooth VC gauge experiences with these aircraft VCs.Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm at the end of my rope trying to work through this, butting my head agains the wall now :(

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