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Ground cone like in FsAltitude and multiple texture layers

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Hi all,Christian, I was wondering if , somehow, the idea of a ground cone , where only the default ( or addon ) ground textures show up, can be put in TileProxy.As I have 2 26" monitors for one wide view the zoon is automatically doubled compared to 1 monitor, even when using 0.3.So the 15 p/m textures are not sharp enough.Everyone that uses 2 or even 3 monitors for the outside view will experience the same. Also the 18 m/p high altitude layer of TP is by far not sharp enough or I would have to fly at 60.000 ( LOL ) Having the possibility to set it manually to 5 or 10 p/m would be very nice.It even would be nice if there was a feature of using more than one texturelayer.Eg :A base layer of 1 m/p that appears till 3000 ft.Then another layer of 2 m/that appears between 3000-8000 ft.And a third layer of 5 p/m that appears from 8000 ft and up. Just my 2 cents :(

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