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G.Franco Corrias

Electric Hydraulic pump

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Hi to all,on the B742 there's an auxiliary Hydraulic pump to permit to pressurize only the Hydraulic System 4 and send Hydraulic pressure to the Parking Brake whenthe plane is at ramp with the Engines shut.On the Aircraft .cfg there is the possibility to configure the needed Electric Hydraulic pumps.But in the FS2004SDK I'm not able to find any Event ID&Hep ID about Electric Hyd Pumps to compile an .xml gauge.I tryied to compile this code using the Event ID of the fuel pump but it doesn't work<Gauge Name="Hyd_Pump_Switch" Version="1.0"> <Element> <Select> <Value>(L:auxiliary Hydraulic pump switch,bool)</Value> <Case Value="0"> <Image name="Pump_Switch_off.bmp" ImageSizes="20,40" /> </Case> <Case Value="1"> <Image Name="Pump_Switch_on.bmp" ImageSizes="20,40" /> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Mouse> <Help ID="HELPID_B737_HYDRAULIC" /> <Cursor Type="Hand" /> <Click Kind="LeftSingle">(>K:TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_Pump)</Click> </Mouse></Gauge>I also found this working Hyd Brake Pressure indicator but it indicates only with the Engine Hyd pumps:<Gauge Name="Hyd_Brake_Press" Version="1.0"> <Image Name="Brake_Press.bmp" Bright="Yes" ImageSizes="70,70,70,70"/> <Element> <Position X="39" Y="37"/> <Image Name="Brake_Arrow.bmp" PointsTo="East" Bright="Yes" ImageSizes="24,6,24,6"> <Axis X="2" Y="2"/> </Image> <Rotate> <Value Minimum="0" Maximum="300">(A:Circuit general panel on,bool) if{ (A:Hydraulic4 pressure, psf) 0.9500 * } els{ 0 }</Value> <Failures> <SYSTEM_ENGINE Action="0"/> </Failures> <Nonlinearity> <Item Value="0" X="63" Y="37"/> <Item Value="300" X="15" Y="37"/> </Nonlinearity> <Delay DegreesPerSecond="5"/> </Rotate> </Element> <Mouse> <Help ID="HELPID_B737_HYDRAULIC"/> </Mouse></Gauge>My question is: how it's possible to compile,without the related Event ID&Help ID, a working Electric Hydraulic pump able to pressurize the brakes on the ground with the engines shut?Thanks Gianfranco

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