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Kai Tak (VHHX) missing tree texture problem

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Hi all you scenery experts.I've noticed recently that in my FS9 some tree textures are missing at the 9-Dragons Hong Kong Kai Tak airport, which were not missing before. Sadly this evidently older problem is now also in my backups so I'm obliged to ask an expert for help. I've also tried to re-install the scenery from the original download but that doesn't help either so I strongly suspect that these tree textures are missing from outside the airport texture folder itself, e.g. from my main texture folder.I've partially narrowed the problem down to one of the Kai Tak scenery folder's .bgl files named: "Kowloon-Billboards_OB1.bgl" but when I disassemble that file to an XML file it shows a multitude of 32 position hex "Library Object names" which I cannot translate to any .bmp file for which I could search. This file correctly places a lot of fences and other objects in the scenery but some of the trees (not all of them) remain white rectangular untextured objects. See the attached picture.How can these XML 32 position hex objects be translated into actual .bmp file names or does anyone know how I should proceed further from such a hex "Library Object name" ?Hope someone can help me resolve this problem at one of my most favorite airports and I thank you in advance for any help offered.Hans

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