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I am continually amazed at what I find out about flight sim. I wrote and complemented RCS panels on their B-25J. I mentioned that I didn't have any oil pressure on the gauge and they replied that I had to have FSUIPC installed. They were right. I simply love Steven Grant's dhc2ampv2 Beavers. My only complaint was that it only had a 2D panels in the airplane. No VC or side panels. I took Fred Banting's Beaver 7 download and installed his 2D panel which included side panels and interior views. I just ignore the round port hole window and how it conflicts with Steven Grant's rectangular rear window. I then took Joe Watson's panel update of Fred's panel because I wanted the ILS and GPS capability. I do miss the ADF radio but I know the gauge works when I'm near an NDB on 414. Included on Fred's original panel and the Banting/Watson panel is a gear switch. I found originally when I first used it on Steven Grant's Beavers, it deployed inflated rubber boat bumpers on the pontoons when in the water and tie-downs when on land. The only problem was the airplane started to move backwards like using "Shift P" for push back. I filed that in my memory and never used it because I thought it was the result of mixing panels and airplanes. This morning I taxied up to the dock at FoxCamp and shut down. The wind will always blow you away from the dock. I found myself wishing for a mooring line to keep the airplane next to the dock. How hard could it be to have "shift+MR" or "shift+ML" for mooring lines deployed right or left?For fun, I hit the gear switch on the panel and the bumpers appeared on the pontoons BUT the airplane DIDN'T start moving backwards like it had before. It still wasn't tied to the dock but I was amazed that the airplane didn't move backwards. I loaded the charter (hehe) and took them to Ketchikan and dropped then off at the airport. While I was there I hit the gear switch while on land and the tiedowns appeared with cement blocks. The airplane didn't move backwards either. The only change that I can recall is that I have FSUIPC installed now and I just got done installing "Real Time". Is this a FSUIPC thing like the oil pressure gauge in the B-25?? By the way, with Real Time I can finally get an early start. I live in Daylight savings time zone, so when I started the computer this morning at 10:30 am system time, I was pulling the Beaver out of the Hanger at Antelope Trails Ranch Alaska at 7:30 am.

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