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TexAir Looking for Active Pilots

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TexAir recently asked its pilots how to improve overall activity of our pilots, and we formatted ourselves to be much more fitting. We're looking for new pilots that like our operation to come fly for us actively. Here's a basic summary of our features:- Three flight types accepted: Online/Manual, FS Acars & FS Passengers.- Experience based pilot ranks with up to 100% hour transfers from VATSIM or a VA.- Large & diverse aircraft fleet with commuter, regional, mainline, and cargo divisions.- Honors based activity policy: After the initial activation flight, fly just once a month.- World class carrier flight schedule to/from four hubs and four focus airports.- Limited staff positions: Deal directly with the CEO for personnel matters.- Input friendly forum which includes a route suggestion board.- Numerous website features with live flight maps, pilot briefs, the latest hub info & route bidding.If you're interested in an airline built to world-class standards but operates like its from the municipal airport next door, then we welcome you to come by for a visit and apply: http://www.texairvirtual.com


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