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Idea for utility or next version

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With so many sliders to work with it almost becomes overwhelming to tweak fs2004 just the way you want it.Right now I have it in what I would call vfr/ifr mode-lots of scenery, autogen, brilliant clouds-getting 20 fps with sometimes a bog down to 10 and a few stutters when taxiing at a dense airport.How about being able to save "performance" scenerios that you can click before starting the sim-alla windows xp log on (different users). Automatically being able to switch performance modes (maximum tweaked slider settings) on the fly depending on what type of flying you want to do.You could have an "ifr" mode-where autogen, scenery objects, shadows etc. are all turned down-weather (turned up) and smoothness of gauges and weather experience being the priority.Then a "wow" mode-where everything is maximized for screen shots.An "aerobatic" mode-where no weather, perhaps ground scenery turned up-but again maximum flight model performance.A "vfr" mode as I have above-for general fun in all aspects-medium performance.Fs could have "preset" modes such as this (much like the preset weather modes). This would take care of the confusing tweaking-and perhaps some complaining! Then allow the end user to make their own custom modes on top of it.You of course could do this by setting every slider in a different matter every time you fly it-but it is even hard to figure out what sliders to set where to get the effect you want.A master tweaker could probably figure out the best combination of settings and come out with a utility like this as an add on-I think it would be a great addition in the future for fs to have something like this built in. I know everyone's computer is a little different-but there are also some universals. Also, perhaps this program could detect the users video card and even system and make some educated guesses also.

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