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ATI Radeon "Heaven".....Thanks, Peter!

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I read a thread today on this forum under the heading "FS2004 Tweaks". The contribution was by Peter R. It was the most fantastic bit of advice for tweaking I have yet received. Being an ATI Radeon 9700 owner, I followed Peter's tweaks EXACTLY (except I kept sun glare and lens flare ON and turned AA off in the sim) and I had a flawlessly displayed flight OVER CLOUDS AT 37,000 feet. My FRAMES BARELY MOVED OFF OF 20FPS DURING THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. Took off from McCarren in Vegas with the default Lear. Used real weather, and it had good clouds today. Although Peter's Radeon was a 9500, his settings were nothing short of miraculous for me. I had been playing with my driver settings (AA and AF) for 5 days now, and I couldn't get it just right. His settings seem just about perfect. I am really enjoying flying now, and I hope to try other planes in the next few days in other parts of the geography. I only hope it stays the same; time will tell, but so far I am really impressed.GIVING PETER FULL CREDIT FOR HIS TWEAKING, I PASTE HIS SETTINGS BELOW: SceneryMesh: 75%Terrain texture size: HighDetailed terrain: Land & WaterDawn/dusk texture blending: EnabledExtended terrain textures: EnabledSpecial effects detail: HighScenery complexity: Very denseAutogen density: Very denseSun glare: DisabledLens flare: Disabled (unless you're flying your plane via remote camera )AircraftVirtual cockpit gauge quality: High (and I get better frame rates in VC than in 2D cockpit)Reflections: EnabledAircraft cast shadows: EnabledLanding lights: EnabledResize panel: EnabledWeatherSight distance: 60 miCloud draw distance: 40 mi3D cloud percentage: 90Cloud coverage density: MediumHardwareLock: 20Resolution: 1152x864x32Render to texture: EnabledT&L: EnabledAnti-aliasing: Enabled (doesn't matter since the driver is set to override)Filtering: TrilinearMIP map quality: 4Hardware lights: 6ATi Direct3D settingsAnti-aliasing: 4xPerformance/Quality: PerformanceAnisotropic filtering: 4xTexture preference: High QualityMipmap Detail Level: High QualityWhat a great set of tweaks that may be a "start" or just simply good the way they are. Thanks again Peter, Stan

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