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The problem is, and will always be, inter agency rivalry. Each jealously guarding their hard won information. It's part of that culture. Nothing you can do. New laws will be enacted and parents caught threatening little league coaches will be arrested and charged with issuing terrorist threats, the the DA & prosecuters will say "Look how good we are" Same ol' same ol'. Nothing changes.I read the stories almost weekly in my local papers.Here's another example, you (more probably your wife) may have seen the made for TV movie where uninvolved girlfriends and wives of drug dealers get 20 years because the dealers themselves plea bargain and implicate their spouses when the most they may have done is answered a phone call where the caller is merely asking if their husband is in.The DA and prosecuters twist this around to say the women were involved. Their resumes look good. "My record speaks for itself" they say, " I put 30 drug king pins away".Sadly, nothing will change.On a happier note, We all have more chance winning the lottery that being blown up, poisoned or contracting some insiduous biological disease.Good post though, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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