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Changed my mind again about CARMINE ... Tom please read

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I am so very sorry about this.... but this is IMPORTANT reading IMO...1. For creating a second post again about Carmine here2. My original post was about feeling sorry for Carmine and feeling too harsh on the guy, especially in light of my very harsh e-mail to him.3.BUT... I have COMPLETELY changed my mind.. why you ask??I visited his site and registered in his forum saying 'good luck' (in light of his polite apology).HOWEVER....I read some forum messages from him and his forum admin staff. They bash AVSIM every chance they get in light of what happened. They allow very strong language in the forums, letter F word,.. the whole shabang.Sorry, but that just is not my scene, I feel STRONGLY about a few things here now and that is...Carmine and his team should stay banned from AVSIM, they use extremely STRONG language in the forums.Carmine knew what he was doing alright.. his langauge and continous AVSIM bashing and this applies to his staff as well, still to this day, in his forums is evidence that he knew EXACTLY what he was doing.Look, I've been around a long time, I was a Compuserve FS sysop back in the FS4 and FS5 days..I have hosted a busy FS forum on a large web site.. (I still host a little DC-3 forum today). NEVER in all my life have I seen language displayed in an aviation forum like I have seen at his site. It is SICK !!I thought I sent him a harsh e-mail?? ..compared to the display of VULGAR language used in his forums, my e-mail was pale in comparison.AVSIM.. please keep him banned !! I am 45 and have kids and grandkids.. we CERTAINLY do not need his kind around here.That is for SURE !!Regards.. TrevVisit "The DC-3 Hangar"

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Wow.. I have seen some harsh things go on between sites on the internet.. But this is the worst of all time, yes.. even worse than Ferdy or Tishma..This is not going to last long with the kind of extreme vulgar language they use in the forums and the continuous bashing of Tom and others here at AVSIM.This Carmine guy is about the best con-artist I have ever seen.. he has fooled me and many others here thats for sure.I can tell you from experience.. this site and this Carmine guy need to be watched VERY closely.. they are deep deep trouble!!Regards.. TrevVisit "The DC-3 Hangar"

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