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PSS/Just Flight World Airlines 747-400 & 777-200 DO work in FS2004!

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So far everything seems to work reasonably well for me after doing the following:1. Installed the FS2000 version into FS2004. (Don't just copy and be sure that you include the FS2000 patch).2. Replaced the aircraft.cfg and air files with the FS2004 default files. Note that the aircraft would not get off the runway on takeoff with the original. The text (name) of the airfile must be edited to be the same as that of the original FS2000. Also edit the first part of the cfg. file to identify your aircraft.3. Edit or copy the "flaps" section of the FS2000 bird's aircraft.cfg file into the replacement file if you want the panel ribbon to read correctly.4. So far, I have made two flights in the 747. One was from KSFO to WSSS, and went well. The second was from KMIA to KATL. The FMC seems to have no problems with FS2004. (See the following:)5. Issues: One difference between the flights. On the first, control was pretty much on the money relative to my FMC settings. On the second, My preset climb speed was ignored, and the bird just kept speeding up ignoring my VNAV setting. I have had this problem before in FS2002 and don't know what I am doing wrong. The only difference in my setup between the flights was a full load of fuel on the first, and a 25% load in the second. ANY HELP ON THIS ISSUE WOULD SURE BE APPRECIATED. The problem is a short between the ears, not World Airlines I am sure.Some tuneing is required in the aircraft.cfg file. I presently have the pitch, elevator, and elevator trim values at 3.0 and it seems to have improved the stability in climbs. A little more tweaking might help on low level pitch control. This seems to be most evident while still at a reasonably low altitude while climbing (with FMC settins).One odd quirk is that particularly in left banks, the speedbrake indication keeps coming on and going off on the panel. The speedbrake is not actuated, just the indication. At cruise, this does not occur.For some odd reason, I have not had any of the panel problems mentioned, or am overlooking the sympthoms.Bottom line: I think these birds can be made to fly in FS2004, thank goodness.Good Luck:RTH

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