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Guest drobson be John Travolta!

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I'm assuming that since he is taking a back-up crew with him, that will include the best friend of my wifes boss! His friend has been flying for Travolta for about 4 years or so now. What a job to have, huh?Darrell

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I hope he will be takeing someone with him... I remember a news story from a couple of months ago, I think from Tampa, where in his 707 ask to abort a takeoff and taxi to a unused ramp... Just so happens several FAA guys were there and decided they would just like to meet him and too see what happened... So over to the ramp they go... As it turned out they were suprised to find out "Travolta" was the only one on board the aircraft, which, of course, takes a crew of three... This is from memory and mine isn't very good so don't beat me up over the details but that's the way I recall it.. I don't recall anyhing in the way of actions taken against him, I would think there would be, but I guess fame might get you out of such things... And of course news stories can get way out of hand... Maybe Darrell can confirm or deny the any truth to this story....Ron Mashburn

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