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Some AI Traffic missing after conversion with AIFPC

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I mainly use Ultimate Traffic II for my AI needs (but I have their GA "daily traffic" turned off). UlimateGA/WOAI/MAIW bgls are used for traffic not supplied by UT2 (military,all general aviation, and obscure airlines/charter/cargo). UT2 weekly traffic is set to 80-100% (depending on where I am flying); UT2 weekly is turned off; FSX commercial and GA traffic is 100%.Because just about all non UT2 bgl fps are based on FS9 standards, I converted all 170 of the bgls to be FSX compliant with AIFPC. I did this because I read fs9 and fsx traffic bgls conflict with each other, and to account for the change in FSX days of the week and changed airports. These Traffic bgls coexist peacefully with UT2, but I had noticed that of the couple WOAI General aviation FPs I had installed, only one package was visible in FSX (The Bombardier Challenger 604), with all the learjets, gulfstreams, king airs and cessna 402s missing in action. As a test, reinstalled the original FS9 bgls, and those GA jets are now back. But strangely enough, some of the "FSX compliant" fps converted with AIFPC are not missing (i.e. Fedex, UPS, and of course the Challenger 604)Basically, it seems MOST of my fs9 converted to fsx flightplans are missing in FSX, and I am trying to understand why that is happening. Some of the fps behave fine after conversion, most don't. Notably missing was all the WOAI general aviation jets/props (I wonder if the Challenger flights were not impacted because they are by Ultimate GA, not WOAI) Some military flights show up, some didn't (i.e., C130s at San Juan, KCLT)I know I can just revert to the native fs9 bgls, but I'd rather find out what the issue is because it apparently only affects some rather than all the converted bgls.Has anyone else seen this happen?

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