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Trusted gauges

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Awhile back I had a CTD for an unknown reason.FSX still works fine along with all my addons.These days if I import something that has a gauge file that needs to be trusted. I never get asked and it adds it in the Cfg settings.Problem it always appends a - sign before the number at the end of the line after the = or it will put a 0 instead of the 1 or 2 needed.If I manually edit the - or 0 out and replace with a 2 the gauge works fine.Is this a registry problem. FSX or windows problem. Any way of fixing without a major reinstall ?FSX with win 7 64 bit, FSX on its own drive. I am the administrator.Curious to what makes the gauge be put into the Trusted section in the first place ?May give me some clue of where to look :( Regards to all

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