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  1. If you want engine starts per the book 😀
  2. Maybe this is what you could use instead of waiting.
  3. trevg

    AT&T Natural voices

    Reply I got to find out if they were only 32 bit. A fair bit of money down the drain. I do apologize for the difficulty you have encountered. The AT&T voices are 32bit, so you will need to run your 32bit speech control panel to use the voices. You will find information about this here: If you need 64 bit voices, both the Ivona or rSpeak voices that we offer are 64bit
  4. trevg

    IVONA voices, Connecting 2.4

    Everything working now with the newer installer. Thanks for the quick work. The only problem is now the voices with win 7, I have reinstalled all the voices I brought and rebooted machine and it still only finds the MS voices, I have 4 of them. None of the others will show at all in the config tab. All sapi 5 products, 2 are Ionas and others brought from other vendors.
  5. trevg

    FF A320

    Thanks good to know. Might be of help to you.
  6. Any suggestions of a set to use as a base set in the meantime until you get around to getting one built ?? Hopefully on your to do list. Cheers
  7. trevg

    config setup

  8. trevg

    config setup

    Hi Dave anyway that the tick box can stay ticked in the flt plan tab, ATC Ignores Bearing Based Altitudes box. Have to tick this entry everytime I fly, yes, we use evens South and odds North and is a little pain
  9. trevg

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    WHAT !!!!!!!!!! Wash your mouth out with soap.
  10. trevg

    MCE and X-plane 11

    I don' run in 32 bit mode, all 64 bit and I have MCE running ok. Windows 7
  11. trevg

    No ATIS V2.3.0.0

    Evening Dave, Tonight at NZCH after loading X-Plane 11 and then after FSGRW weather had completed loaded in sim, then loaded Pilot2ATC, Tune ATIS 127.20 correct freq, told there is no ATIS available. Weather button shows true actual FSGRW weather along with info button from flight plan, taxi instructions applicable to weather. After half and hour watching planes coming and going with WT3 (great when this gets connected with your programme) changed the freq back to ATIS, still no go. The other day It was happening with YSSY YBCG and a couple of others I'm not sure about as one actually worked may have been YBBN. NOAA I haven't got so don't know about that. Cheers
  12. trevg

    No ATIS V2.3.0.0

    I have the same problem but using FSGRW, ATIS not available and yet the weather button gives the correct FSGRW weather also the airport info button gives the correct information as do the clearance and tower controllers.
  13. trevg


    Would it be possible to have extra controller loaded to the chatter files ? Seems that Pilot2ATC detects the FIR boundary between US States ie : K1 K2 etc, could it then have Local ATC Centres change to the Oceanic Centres for crossing the Atlantic/Pacific oceans long haul flights ? Thats if it can also detect the FIR in Oceanic areas which it should be capable off. Quite a few of us have had RC4 and do have the files for Oceanic controllers that can be used already. Totally different sounds to VHF with Oakland, Shannon, Gander, Auckland, Brisbane Oceanic etc. Just an idea may be worth considering in the future.
  14. I mapped the cowl flaps to buttons on my joystick, that works but still can't get the fuel gauges to operate, they never move.
  15. trevg

    11.05 Released!

    It does have all the scenery of the airport plus the strip is better than the DL available imo, jetways are being worked on by another member to get them working with the default scenery as well.