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  1. Ditto, that's why I tried a reinstall. Which have now found out reinstall is broken and MS is looking into it.
  2. Go into options/experimental turn off nanolog, something like that, can't check for you as my flightsim is busted by the - you are missing essential packages. because I were having trouble with my PC12 decided to install fresh installation.
  3. Since the patch it is in the hangar, no addons, without instruments not even attempting to fly it.
  4. Thanks, I'll try that later today. Thanks again, tried that solution, brilliant works like a charm now.
  5. Is it my setup or known problem, Fuel QTY and Engine oil has no indications also have no pointers on the TRQ, ITT and NG? All digital read outs are working fine. Anything I could have missed anyone can think of for me to try. Otherwise I have no problems flying it and enjoy my flights, starting all my flights cold and dark.
  6. Will Carenado change their mind and have downloads from their own site? Will reports sent to them on problems be at the mercy of Asobo when they will be updated.
  7. Seems to be outage across the world with insert disk when trying to start
  8. Just flew Milford Sound and over the tops to Queenstown (not with real weather or wouldn't have made it) Can't complain about the mesh, really first class.
  9. Forgot I had the mesh loaded and just arrived into Queenstown, poor passengers Hope it gets fixed soon as all my flying is done here. Now off to Mt Cook.
  10. Any more news on this aircraft ? Much rather fly this than the TBM 930
  11. Just got it tonight for the first time, going into NZQN. got the message 7 miles from touch down and hit the mountain side as they all vanished into a flat earth, everything turned blueish grey only trouble was the mountains became invisible.
  12. Yes, now I can stop trying find where it was coming from, thought it was one of my add ons.
  13. Random for me in NZ and OZ. 1st flight of day hangs waiting for airport to load, exit by moving mouse to X when I can see it has got there. Then restart MSFS exactly the same as when closed and loads perfect. Without rebooting machine or any other actions.
  14. Thanks for your reply, not on my flight machine at the moment. When in the cockpit and press escape to go into options menu to alter bindings etc, on the task bar you get the option to go back one step, press that with mouse or push the joystick button labelled, in my case the joystick button which I have as my ATC button is the one that MSFS has selected for go back. Which is the Coms switch for A320 thrustmaster joystick trigger, Much rather use that as it was designed for it. As with the defaulted MSFS switch, the comms keeps getting turned on and off in the programme I use for ATC. So if anyone with ideas how to change the default MSFS menu joystick or delete it, be much appreciated.
  15. Is there a way to change the joystick button to a different number. The buttons that come up on the task bar ie - joystick button 3 = go back. That happens to be the trigger button on my thrustmaster joystick I want to use the most as my com button. I always use the mouse for go back action when setting up the flight in the menu system. Any help would be appreciated.
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