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  1. Very big yes from me as well, it would tie in nicely with all the other programs that use it.
  2. I would have liked to add folders to the community folder so that each folder would contain ie; liveries, aircraft, mods, scenery, etc It's becoming a mess with just a jumble of names/letters/numbers.
  3. Small question, will you be building a version that will be able to connect with MSFS 2020 or are you going to rely on everyone getting FSUIPC? Nothing wrong with FSUIPC but just another programme to purchase just to use Pilot2atc.
  4. I hope so as I'm in the same boat, After all this time I have forgotten how I used it many moons ago, I used Pollypot Git But hope that FSUIPC will be a lot easier for programming GoFlight modules.
  5. Thanks Andy1252, nice to get it from the horses mouth.
  6. Started last night and continued all morning trying to jump thru all the hoops Trying to install on new flight machine win 10 Pro. When it gets to installing the trainer section it ends up with error 404. I can not get past this in the reinstall from the wrapper. Yes read and reread and searched for answers on Reality site and every where else. Can someone explain how I can get past this please ?
  7. Tried many times to get to grip with PollyPot but after 2 hours concentration I have forgotten what I where supposed to do 1/2 an hour ago. So have good success with most of my units (13) using default simple planes but come the FF a320 or the Zibo 737 I get lost so normally give up on it. Yes old age does not help !!
  8. Thanks Dvasi, Checked line for line all there. Finally copied those lines from my PC12 and pasted in the CT210, now working as it should, still looked exactly the same, Must go and get my eyes checked.....
  9. Maybe in the manuals but cannot find it or on this site. I have the GTN 750 integrated in the panel and working great BUT I can not find anyway to right click in the centre of it to make it pop out. I have compared the ini along side the PC12 which works but can not figure out a difference to make the CT120 work the same. Anyone can give give me a solution would be much appreciated as my eyes cant read it in the panel with out zooming the screen right in.
  10. Hi Gerald, this is not after landing, this is the first flight of the day when you get the Co to do his first duty including power up from the ground power so you can start setting up. Just want him to leave the brakes alone.
  11. Problem is way before that is due to happen, when powering up the aircraft with ground power, co pilot asks mech to plug in ground power which he does. Also putting the chocks in and telling the co to release the brakes which he does, which of course causes the air bridge to retract from the plane just as the passengers are walking across boarding the aircraft 🙄 FF A320. The only way is to remove the request to plug in the ground power on arrival from the power up start up?
  12. Seen the answer somewhere but dammed if I can find it. How do you stop the mechanic when powering up the aircraft with ground power, releasing the brakes when he sticks the chocks in or better still stop him from putting the chocks in in the first place?
  13. I nearly always get sent to a runway with eight in it and told to hold. I've given up asking for a gate 😄
  14. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/156680-persistence-plugin-spark-plug-fouling-demo-video/ If you want engine starts per the book 😀
  15. https://lyndiman.com/lyndimans-new-zealand-ortho-photography-set/ Maybe this is what you could use instead of waiting.
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