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  1. We did KBJJ (NE Ohio) to KEMT (El Monte, CA...LA suburb), and return of course, in a 182RG a couple years ago. Jim Edit...Oops. not 1 day. 2 days each way. That would make KAPA > KBJJ on the way home the longest.
  2. Current status.... P3Dv3 installed over Win7 on one drive, XP11 installed over Win10 on another separate drive, which I swap out in the same computer depending on which program I want to run. Purpose... I want to either upgrade the Win7 drive to Win10 or do a full Win10 install on the current Win7 drive, then install P3Dv4 in place of v3. They are smaller SSD's and I'd like to keep the XP11 and P3D programs and add-ons separate from each other. Goal....both programs on separate Win10 drives, and swap drives as above. Quandry....Win10 is licensed per machine, as I understand it. Is running the same serial number of Win10 on two different drives, not at the same time, but in the same machine at different times, OK within the license? If so, will it create issues with updates? or? Thanks for your insight! Jim
  3. 182RG....between 11" and 12" of travel....4-5" inches from the panel @ full-forward. From memory from when I purchased a Redbird yoke...which is also 11" of travel. Jim
  4. I've got a 50" for my main monitor for xp10 xp11 and p3d (xp in both Windows and Linux)....works great! Jim
  5. ....and I finally figured out how to search the forum 'inside' the posts....duh! Several posts and a review. Sorry for being a pest. Jim
  6. Does anyone have these?....or any of the 3 units? Comments? http://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/complete-kit-of-redbird-alloy-yoke-rudder-single-throttle.html Google searching comes up with links to the Jay and their other complete sims. Not much info on any of these units....unless of course I missed it. Thanks! Jim Edit- Interesting....on the Redbird site it says they don't recommend updating to Win10 if using their products.
  7. It's awfully tempting to try it. Wondering if my hardware's up to it tho...especially the video card. i7-6700k 4.0(not over-clocked yet), GTX970, 32 G DDR4... Jim
  8. You've got me considering an Oculus... Quick question.... I was price-shopping the Amazon.com site for it. The site states that a Windows PC (figured that one) and 'internet connection' are required for use. Is that telling me that I would need to be connected to the internet all the time I was using the Rift? I do understand that there is other sim software that requires a full-time connection to run with the sim. Live wx and traffic makes sense. Wondering if this falls into that category, and if so, why? Sorry about tne newbie question....thanks! Jim
  9. Hey Strider1...first, sorry about my part in the thread drift to this point. Oops! Second, you'd be amazed at the varied software available for Linux. A fully- MS-compatible Office suite, for example. Lacking are some 'professional' packages, for the most part. Take a look...give the latest Ubuntu rendering a shot. You can download to DVD to play with it, and never touches your hard drive. Free! My sim of choice is XP on Linux...pretty much the only thing we don't do on it are the GTN's (need the Garmin trainer to run), and my wife's C550 and Citabria. I don't do many of the amazing things folks do with sims, though. Mostly procedures and practice approaches. I read some metrics that LR did recently. It amazed me that Linux is only 1% of the XP user-base. On the other hand, it's the only time I'll ever be a 1%-er :-) Jim
  10. "Most of the time, people who clamor over privacy, have something to hide." was your comment. I objected to this as being overly-broad and not a demonstrable statement of fact. I'm willing to let everyone draw their own conclusions as to the validity of all points made. I learned a long time ago never to argue with people who enjoy it...it takes too much time. Have a nice day! Jim
  11. JImm...to clarify, for myself, I have no issue with the EULA's and TOS's I agreed to with Microsoft or other software providers. I have issue with being labeled "having something to hide" because I choose to exercise my rights. I am content to cordially disagree on that. TechguyMaxC....yessir, USA born and bred. I concur it is a losing battle, but intend to go down swinging. That's why the only Windows computer in the house (out of a half dozen) is the one used for P3D, which requires it, and only on-line long enough to authenticate. Even has a single-purpose SSD. Downloads, etc are funneled thru Linux computers, if possible. Guess it's just what I do :-) Jim
  12. Jimm, I respectfully take issue with your statement "Most of the time, people who clamor over privacy, have something to hide.". The "big deal" is the right to privacy guaranteed us in our Constitution, and I have sadly watched its' gradual decline over a long period of time. There are certainly folks who fit your definition. My conjecture is that there are many of us who just believe that our personal business is no one's but our own. To be labeled as 'something to hide' because we respect our rights borders on offensive to me. Many of us take the actions we are able to secure our information. For example, much Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc data collection can be turned off by simply restricting scripting inside your browser. Just seems like a responsible personal policy to me. YMMV! :-) Thanks for listening! Jim
  13. Then there's the whole personal perception of the flight physics thing (both rw and sim). To me, a 182RG is a stable instrument platform, to others it's a heavy-on-the-controls 'truck'. My wife flies FSI's mult-million $ sims twice a year, and this winter I introduced to her to Carenado's Citation. She has a theory...you learn to fly the sim. She says even the big sim's have limitations, and one adjusts their 'flying' to suit them. She's impressed with the realism of ours sims for the price point. She uses it to practice her instrument scans, also. Nice thing about that is, I say "I need...", she says, "OK" :-) Jim
  14. Anybody heard anything from Janek? No answer to my PM of January 31st, and his profile says he hasn't been on the forum since December 14, 2016. Thanks! Jim
  15. Excellent information, Chock! Thank you, and the others. I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge on Avsim. Jim
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