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July 4, 2002. The US enters the 21st Centur

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:)Borders no longer matter. Missiles cross oceans. Terror...can be imported.Today marks a historic event in this country. WE...the collective WE are now suffering the slings and arrows the rest of this planet knows entirely too well. Shooting at LAX, obviously an act of "terror". {Edit} "First reports say there were others involved." Another incident, the crashing of a light A/C into an amusement park. {Edit} Reports now say pilot called "engine out.""We" asked for it. Our fascination with the topic of 4th of July terror, the "we" being our media. Polls, news 24 X 7. Even if you are not a terrorist in the classic sense of the word, if you want your 15 minutes, fly a plane into a building in Miami, and splatter yourself into the wall, and make a small . in the history books. Even now, the talking heads are saying, " did it happen? How can this be?" I say, "How can you ask such mindless questions, and ignore the root causes of much of the trauma the world is currently suffering?"So why do I write this drivel? I see a world that has become so fascinated with "I" that we forget the "we". Everyone has a beef. Everyone is oppressed. Everyone takes advantage of everyone. Everyone has prejudice. Obvious, eh? Been that way forever. But the stakes are higher now. Check this out: has a nuke or two. "...and we're not afraid to use em, I'm here to tell ya'Is this true? Make up your own mind, check it out. I crying wolf with my doom and gloom? After all, I did say its been this way forever. But my friends, the stakes are collectively higher. We only have one Planet. the dates. There are more, go check it out. You should. The worlds ecology is quickly, not slowly, quickly self-destructing. It seems that if we don't do ourselves in with weapons, we're so damned determined, that Mother Nature is going to help us out!I have a message for all of you, that much must be clear. Why else do any of us post? We post to ask or to tell.Today watching the news, I felt a disturbance in the force. There IS a force. Call it what you will. I choose to believe it is the sum of all the individuals on the Planet. Not only that, but the force is also comprised of the balance of the Universe. See, we are all in this together. Believe this. Know this. We must all turn our collective eyes upon ourselves, and see the wrong that we do. All of us. Everywhere. Then when we see wrong, we must call it out, and call it out, and condemn it. Silly? Naive? How do we manage our own families? How do we manage our workplaces? Our communities, towns, etc? Everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm. This is fact. This is natural law. It is obvious if you only look around you. There are really no mysteries. The only mystery I know of is how we continuously convince ourselves that reality must be. We make our own realities. We choose our own destinies, but the choices of others can change our destiny in an instant. Our choices affect not only ourselves, but that of others. Therefore, just as we worry about others treatment of us, a fact of which we have no control, we should focus more on the fact that our choices affect others. That is the only thing upon which an individual can maintain complete control. The choice is always yours. A utopist view, but one that is needed in "these days of miracles and wonder." Oh the meantime, there are always bullet proof vests made from BiosteelHappy 4th of July United States of America. Peace to all. Pray for peace. Live peace. Demand peace. Its what the world needs right

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