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On the topic of witness reliability. I have been a professional witness on at least 4 occasions. Let me explain.As you may know (some may think I say this to "get off"...I "get off" on life, not AVSIM forums) I was an Air Traffic Controller for 15 years, 10 of which I spent in Tower, in addition to my 4 years RAPCON and 4 years instruction of RAPCON.During my years, I witnessed 4 major (numerous minor) incidents:A-6: Crash on Departure. (nonfatal)U-2: Explode on Departure. (nonfatal)KC-135: Left outboard wing contacted ground during flair. There was extensive Dutch Roll on the end PIC and crew were completely at fault for not following training procedures. Both "pups" were in the front seats. (fatal)RAPCON: Air Taxi trying to land during W0X0F snowstorm. Third on the go, Tower switched to me, I never saw him, never talked to him. A/C plowed into the ground at 15 nose down, 10 right. Spatial disorientation. Single pilot, 3 doctors on board. Sad. This btw, is where I speak of my "NTSB". ( fatal...btw, for anyone interested in the study of aviation accidents, and would like the details on the non's, email me...good study of human fraility :) )So...for those that may think I'm talking out my orifice, and yes folks...I can feel the love, I do speak from experience. And I invite others to do the same. So where was I?Witness reliability. In my experience, good interrogators can get good witness statements. Small discrepancies, but good core info.Why do you think witness statements are so important to police work? Look at that composite drawing of the killer of the little girl, (taken from a 5 year old) the real picture, and the allegedly 100% DNA (probably semen) is where I sit on the side of the fence concerning witness reliability.Cheers,bt

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I agree, It's easy to denounce all the info on the TWA 800 web site with a closed mind, and blind reliance on the government party line. But after reading EVERY eyewitnes statement to the event, that sealed it for me. Back in my very young navel aviation days, I would have defended the warren report, or anything the USA did with violence! But oh boy, how experience and old age have opened my mind! I have 29 years of aviation exposure, so Iam not ignorant of the goings on in the system. Esp. in relation to military fighter maint. contracting, so I know how the system operates. In relation to TWA800, the Military industral complex/media spoon fed simpson watching general public has no willingnes to own up to the truth of what is happening right before our eyes! Let's get honest,aquire some courage, and start looking for the truth that I think we all know deep in our souls is there below the surface! P.S. When finding personal defects in others, take a deep breath and look at our own, chances are we will be guilty of same! I would bet my life on it! Rant Switch Off. And yes I watch the Simpsons :)

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