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A Terrible Horrizontal Span Realization

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I have two monitors around my apartment and lately realized I could use them as dual monitors with my desktop.I wanted to span my FSX VC across both of them, but after using instructions found on this forum and other sites I couldn't get the VC to span across.What I realized is that Windows 7 was only extending, as the select option clearly said LOL.gif , not spanning. Instead of getting 2720x768 as I wished by putting two 1360x768 together, I just got two 1360x768 monitors. :Cry: I looked more and found that just nVidia cards on Vista and Windows 7 have this problem. I saw that there is a work around for ATI users.I'm not really sure where to go from here...I only get to use dual monitors a few times, so I might just stay with a single monitor until nVidia releases a fix. -_-

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