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Guest gonoje

Building My PC fpr FSX

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Guest gonoje

Hello everyone,Well, I joined you some time ago, but I actuallty never introduced myself before. So before posting, I just hope I will make some friends so that we can share opinions about planes, hardware, flight simulators, etc. I'm Spanish and I'm 27 years old.The point of this topic is that is a while I'm trying to build my PC for FSX. I want to spend some money for components that deserves it, and to start, I was thinking on the offer (now that is sales time) that I'm posting below. If some of you could advise me for this processor and mother board I'll be happy to read it. The PC will be only for FSX, to be able to install sceneries, adds-on software and as I'm "color blind" (red and brown), I would like to do it as real as possible, but always thinking that is important to have limits (like with the money...) :-)Here's the link: http://www.cdiscount...NTELEXTREM.htmlFor the other components I guess that will take a few more weeks.Thank you and nice to meet you guys.ooops, I think I mistake with the forum section...

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