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FSX - ASE - FSUIPC - settings everywhere (it seems)

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Hi,I am really new to RC, ASE and FSUIPC and there seems to be considerable chatter about reported winds and how it affects AI, runway selection etc. This seems like a very important subject and was wondering...............There is a pinned topic titled "Attention ASE FSX Users" and was hoping there might be a way to keep the latest findings (facts), settings etc that affect users of ASE and FSUIPC as it pertains to RC. There seems to be alot of interest with these topics and maybe its just me, but I find it really difficult to pick out the facts so I can make the necessary adjustments. Not sure if this is to much work for someone, but it would certainly be helpful not only for me but maybe others who don't quite understand all the lingo and technicalities of the discussion. Thanks Bob

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