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Bill Womack

A word of warning if you have an ATI All-in-Wonder card

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NOTE: This problem ONLY happens with ATI All-in-Wonder cards. As near as I can tell, it doesn't exist on regular Radeons. If you have an All-in-Wonder, then read on.If, like me, you own an ATI Radeon video card from their All-in-Wonder family you might want to take a simple precaution before loading the latest Catalyst 3.9 drivers. It seems ATI made a serious gaff, and many (if no all) users of AIW Radeon cards can't use any OpenGL based games or applications once they've updated to the 3.9s. If the menu "flashing" problems in FS have driven you around the bend, then you'll definitely want these drivers, as they fix the problem and finally allow you to run in full-screen mode properly. To make sure you can still run OGL games and apps once you've upgraded, make a copy of your existing Catalyst 3.8 (earlier versions may work too, but I haven't tested them) "atioglxx.dll" file from c:windowssystem32 (on XP, may vary on other operating systems) and then once you've finished upgrading to Catalyst 3.9, replace the new atioglxx.dll file with the one from your prior installation that you copied. Until ATI releases a new dll or a driver patch, this is the only way to get those non-DirectX games working. What's the tie-in with FS, you ask? I also use OpenGL as the 3D driver for Gmax when designing for FS, and with the new 3.9 drivers it wouldn't start either! So just be sure you are using an earlier version of atioglxx.dll and things should work. I've tried running FS2004 with this new setup, and I haven't seen any adverse effects from using the older OpenGL dll, but then FS doesn't use it anyway. As with any bit of computer advice, your mileage may vary. However, the worst problem I can foresee from doing the above is that you have to reinstall the ATI drivers again, and if you're like me you're pretty much used to that by now!happy simming,

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