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  1. Bill Womack

    Introducing iBlue Yonder

    Thanks, guys! Regarding the cross-platform deal, it's for previous owners of the P3D version who might not otherwise be tempted to buy the X-Plane version. We wanted to tempt them over to see what they might be missing. To be honest, this whole cross-platform thing is getting pretty tangled and difficult to maintain though, so if you've already got the P3D version of Nantucket, go for it. For everyone else, we'll think of some way to reward loyal customers but it might not be with free cross-grades. I never anticipated all the wrinkles and permutations of deals like this. thanks, Bill
  2. Bill Womack

    KBID-KACK in the JF Arrow III

    Great shots! Thanks for the mention.
  3. Bill Womack

    Chaseplane and TrackIR

    Keven, I'm having an issue with TrackIR as well - not sure if it's the same one, but I believe so. I've removed my simconnect files from TIR and enabled TIR in my internal camera. When CP starts, it has the "+ TIR" message in the upper left, but the green light on the TrackIR unit that usually denotes a TIR-enabled game doesn't come on, and I'm not getting any head movement in the sim. I've followed the instructions in this thread, but I'm not having any luck. Is there anything else I should be doing? Bill
  4. iBlueYonder has announced their first commercial scenery release - Nantucket Island for FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, and Prepar3D v3. For more screenshots and to purchase, visit - it's also available on, and will be in most major FS stores very soon. Nantucket sits just off the coast of the US state of Massachusetts, below the long arm of Cape Cod. It’s an island steeped in history dating back to the colonial days, and is best known as the center of US whaling in the 19th century. These days, the primary industry is tourism. From a quiet, isolated enclave of around 10,000 in the winter, the population explodes to around five times that in summer. Nantucket Memorial Airport (KACK) is the island’s air-link to the rest of the world. As you’ll find everywhere on Nantucket, its architecture features heavy use of characteristic unpainted wood-shingled buildings and is loaded with New England charm. Features: More than 100 square miles of photo terrain in full 5-seasons Nuanced 1-meter terrain mesh from high-detail LIDAR data Detailed Nantucket waterfront modeling Many local VFR landmarks included Full autogen houses and vegetation Detailed, accurate rendition of Nantucket Memorial Airport based on extensive on-site photography Enhanced airport ground poly in Prepar3D v.3 3D grass, shrubbery, and other custom vegetation Static aircraft commonly seen on the ramp Custom dynamic, animated windsocks Seasonal models, driven by the Viva engine All models optimized for high performance Built by veteran scenery designer Bill Womack, with the help of the iBlueYonder team
  5. It looks to be a fantastic event - and as with anything having to do with Keystone, a great cause. I'm so proud to be associated with these fine folks.
  6. Bill Womack

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Damn, Tom, this is just awful news. I don't know what the right words are in a situation like this. I'm glad we got to meet on several occasions. I still remember the various Avsim conferences as some of the most fun I've had in 'simming. You've built a truly impressive entity with Avsim, and I hope it's some consolation that it will continue after you've left us - it's quite a legacy. I wish you the best of luck, peace, and comfort as you finish your journey, no matter how long it takes. Bravo Zulu! Bill
  7. Bill Womack

    Anyone get p3d v2 to work with ezdok?

    What's more (and finally!), you can open the EZCA studio app while in full-screen mode.
  8. Bill Womack


    They're saying 8GB or so, but it's best if you have 10GB free on your FSX drive.
  9. Bill Womack

    Best Bush Aircraft

    On my rig, frames are not an issue at all. The Colt is super-smooth, and suitably grotty looking.
  10. Bill Womack

    Best Bush Aircraft

    Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned that I've been testing it. I don't know what their release plans are, but it's looking and flying really good at this point.
  11. Bill Womack

    Best Bush Aircraft

    My new favorite bush plane is Sibwings' An-2 Colt. What a beauty! Although I'm still having trouble believing I can say that about a Colt. ^_^
  12. Bill Womack


    Yep, what Ryan said. In the absence of true multi-point lighting, developers cheat a little and add static AO in the way Jigsaw showed.
  13. Bill Womack


    A lot of aircraft and scenery modelers are baking ambient occlusioin into their models these days anyway, so it might look a bit overdone if it did work.
  14. Bill Womack

    FlightZone ORBX KPDX in FSX Rewind

    In the meantime, PDX itself has changed. There's a beautiful new multi-story Port of Portland admin building between the tower and the parking garage, and several runways have been extended, with their attendant changes in taxiways. Still, it looks better than default.
  15. Bill Womack

    N90GT enroute to library

    Wow, that's a handsome livery! Mine will be wearing it as soon as I can get my hands on it. Thanks!