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  1. I picked it up yesterday 4 May 2021. Wish someone would do a VA-25 paint (original toilet bomber) Was surprised it was not included.
  2. Hi.


    I downloaded BOB from Orbx site for P3D V4.5 using Orbx central to download and install it.

    Bob is not available in menu.

    Where is the default location of BOB. I found a bunch of 7.z (Zip files ) in my orbx directory.

    How can one delete BOB - I let Orbx install in several times hoping for a favorable result.

    Please advise.






  3. I am hoping that this is the right place to ask a question about GSX/GSX 2 and Manfred C-47. When it comes to boarding and deboarding the C-47, only the crew will leave or board the plane. I've asked about this as FSDT forum and they say the plane is flagged as cargo and that is why no passengers can be seen getting off or one the plane. I've tried to adjust the load settings that would trigger some animated passenger activity but only see a loadmaster and pilot/copilot get off/on the place. If anyone can shed some light on what it would take for GSX to trigger passengers to deboard/board the plane I would appreciate how to fix this issue. Thanks Butch
  4. That didn't change anything. I still get the two error messages: 1.The Config Panel encountered an error while trying to modifying your Realview.xml file with your chosen RealVIew settings: Error saving XML file. 2. Config Panel has encountered an error while trying to modify your Options.xml file with your chosen settings: Error saving XML file. The Realair config panel is at the root of P3d RealAir aircraft files are under Simobjects/AIrplanes Thanks anyway.
  5. I am having issue with the RA Aircraft Config in P3d V3.4 - The config will not save any changes, it says The config panel has encountered an error while trying to modify options.xml file with your chosen settings. Error saving XML file. BTW, how are images saved in these post? https://s26.postimg.org/ip3avo5ft/Capture1.jpg
  6. I would like to know if the glass smudges seen from the outside can be changed to clear? I know that the RA Config can clear the smudges and I assume that is for the VC Cockpit viewing out, but is a way to replace the glass smudge effect with clear glass in external view See link My guess is no. This is with P3D V3.4 - https://s26.postimg.org/jod2dwmtl/Capture.jpg
  7. 1. I've checked and do have V2.3 2. I use P3D V3.4 - I am under assumption you think I have V4, I don't 3. I have been able to create a dummy P3D v3.4 folder and had the installer unload to that directory and compare folders/files between what the installer installed and where I manually installed; everything matches file for file, folder for folder.. 4. I purchased your product from Simmarket.
  8. Nothing wrong with my P3d. It's funny that the only issue with ANY addon is with YOUR C402C GPS and nothing else. Ain't that weird? So..., this has been a salubrious experience with the back and forth exchange of info. At this point I guess I am SOL on this issue, but that's Okay I managed to program my own GPS, (thank you) and at this point, I've gained insight of FSW's policy of if you have a problem, it's something on the customers side and we are not at fault and will not try to remedy your situation,,,I get it....
  9. Yes this was a fresh install, I can't help it if others say they have no issues. It is easy to say this and do nothing to help. Think about it!! Why you don't communicate via email direct is beyond me. Most other devs do. As a courtesy, why not provide me with a link to this zip file? I've looked at YOUR main web page (I assume you are inferring your site) and did not find it. here is link where I went http://www.flysimware.com/website/Payware_Planes.html I sure didn't see any radar.zp there. Only products, like the title says. The Window (04) menu you have for the payware weather radar, I could just as well pull up another 2d panel then use something else or just // Comment it out and say some ching ($$$). It's all about the Benjamins these days. BTW Where is this GPN config tool?
  10. I've recently tried to contact customer support thru the FSW contact page numerous times with regards to the GNS530 not showing in P3D. I have FSX and P3d V3.4Having said that, everything is good in FSX - with I could say the same for P3D V3.4 -(no GNS530) - As a temp resort, I had to "borrow" another GNS530 setup from a different aircraft and insert the gauge entries in the Windows 02 section to point to another GNS package (I should not of had to do that as I paid for all this to work in the first place). The onus was on me to make this work. As a result, it works but I say again, I had to resort to making changes on my own to "patch" this issue. The only and I mean only reply so far was "download the radar zip file that allows you to use other radars that you may own" I never found that zip file - again why do I have to make a move on this when the GPS was supposed to work in P3D? . "The product page and help page explain how to load the GNS models and the GTN models. So if you do not own the GTN 750 only load the RDR_GNS models so you have a working gps. Also download the user manual for the GPS for the additional upgrades this unit has. To turn on use the mouse wheel because this unit has brightness control" Read thru the two PDF files and nothing mentioned about loading the GNS models. One manual was info about the plane and other one was about how to operate the GNS system. I realize that it is labor day weekend and may everyone is out of town. I was told on another forum that a guy named MARK is one of the dudes that runs FSW - don't know if that is true. I don't have/use Facebook so the only way on getting thru to FSW was to use their contact link. I did a few times and received one reply which contained nebulous info (Mentioned above)^. Other then that, the plane is very nice and I enjoy flying in P3D V3.4 - If anyone from FSW is reading this, I sure would like a reply on how to get YOUR GNS 530 system to function in P3d V3.4 Thank you. .
  11. I got the KMEM a few days ago and some of the features were intented for P3d and not avail for FSX. I can park a boeing 737/Airbus A321 at on of the parking spots that offer an animated gateway and baggage carts and food and fuel trucks can be requested and will come out to service the aforementions aircraft. Your not offered these GSX (Ground Support) animated services if you are in a B757; I get a message that the 757 is too large therefore, no offering in the GSX menu to park at one of the animated gates were the animated ground support is normally offered for the smaller jet liners (Tubes). Not sure what other tubes would work with the GSX menu. I think they cater mainly to P3d on this scenery and you would need P3d to get the full benefits that this scenery has to offer.
  12. I've tried the new site, It asks me for my email and PW, trouble is, I forgot my PW and hopefully sent email to right email address requesting either new or old PW so that I can logon. I cannot create a new account, using my email addy, the system says that is already in use, till I hear from someone, anyone, at orbx I am dead in the water. When I enter my name and email address below it states that email address is already taken. Guess what, thst is MY email address. So, I am boxed in, can't create new account and I forgot my PW and was trying to get one created. This is very frustating.
  13. What's the deal with this new sign in page here https://orbxdirect.com/ I used to use my pw to get it and it doesn't recognise it. I have email orbx support for assistance with new PW. I wanted to D/L the AI Freeware North America and when I press add to account, nothing happens. https://orbxdirect.com/product/aitraffic-naga Till I hear from Orbx, guess I'm dead in the water.
  14. Carenado provides 2 repaints for the super cargo master (Fedex/DHL) http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/pages/Freeliveriesc208.php if that is what you are looking for
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