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  1. Thanks Ted for the suggestion. This confirms what I just discovered just before you sent this. I think the Propdisk.dds just adds the spinning motion to those blades you pointed out. Now the texture.cfg for the 2nd C47 with blank prop tips points to a texture folder that has a propdisk.dds that look like this and one of the config.txt files falls back to a texture that has this propdisj.dds Does the propdisk.dds have to match the albedo.dds props you pointed out or does it matter? I know just changing the propdisk.dds only does not change the outcome (ignored by P3D). I have the PBR version of the C47 and there are many liveries that have their config.text pointing to a texture that has different color propdisk.dds variations - Appreciated your bump back Ted. Are you still with P3D or on the dark side with MSFS? Haven't seen you in like a long time as SOH. Butch .
  2. There is one livery in the Mahn C-47 program that I wanted to change the prop tips from no color to yellow. One of the other liveries has the prop with yellow tips so I copied that prop.dds file over to the one with the no color prop tips and did not make any difference. The color of the original prop remained the same. I even deleted the original one and then copied the one with the yellow tips to the livery with the plain (no color) prop tips. I thought that once I made the swap that P3DV5.4 would read the changes - it didn't so what is the solution to this? This is the prop I want to use for the next image below: This is the prop I want to delete and use the prop above ^
  3. I did and it works OK now. I guess it was not meant to be in the addon folder. Some of the other Milviz stuff (F-100) will work in addon folder in fact, they even made a addon. xml file for it. Anyway, thank you for your time and trouble. I have learned a lot from you. Next time I fly the F-100 inP3DV5, I probably remember the back and forth we had trying to make things function, Take care, Butch
  4. It all works just fine in P3DV4 - I ran it as admin like I did for P3D V5, In P3d V4 as soon as I switched the lighting knobs on the lower right bottom of the cockpit, I could see the knobs light up as well as the cockpit panel, At first, all I saw was just the gauge needles illuminate then I turned down the left rheostat from full on to about midway and then the numbers in the gauges lit up as well, This is images of core install to P3D V4 This is using P3D V4 - I tried the same procedures in P3DV5 in the addons and was not this lucky - And I did not have to disable any AV blockers
  5. Maybe I should check P3D V4 as well, I did a core install there.
  6. This is what I see No gauge lights when set to night mode.
  7. Here is a bulletin! In P3DV5.4 the landing/taxi lights also work but as I mentioned in above post ^ I have to flip te starter switch (up) to battery in order to get the landing/taxi lights to work. Something not mentioned in the manual. I am still without cockpit lighting just as in the P3D V4 core install. So there is a switch or something that I am not turning on, I see the "Rogen" got his cockpit lights to function. What is the secret?
  8. I tried a conventional P3D V4 install (root) and can now get the one/two landing/taxi lights to work. I still can not get the cockpit lights to come on. I looked thru the manual and found the part about turning them on but no joy., I found the interior light control panel and turned the switches to full bright. So what did I miss? The taxi light didn't come on for me til I flicked the battery switch (circled in red) to full up as you see it. As per manual, when the plane got airborne (weight off wheels) then both lights came on.
  9. I also found these lighting switches (They didn't work either)
  10. Normally and, as you know in the lights setcion of most aircraft.cft such as this [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit light.0 = 3, -3.775, -16.73, -0.515, fx_iris_t6b_navred light.1 = 3, -3.775, 16.73, -0.515, fx_iris_t6b_navgreen light.2 = 3, -7.230, -16.74, -0.692, fx_iris_t6b_navwhite light.3 = 3, -7.230, 16.74, -0.692, fx_iris_t6b_navwhite So, For the F-86 the entry such as this: [lights] // NONE // One could just take a hit and miss with exterior lighting and fiddle with positioning in each light entry or find something close from some other aircraft and use that as a starting point using many adjustments. BTW, I saved my addon F86 folder and installed it all in the core and the light still do not work. Guess this was originally meant for FSX in the first place. And for P3D there may of been some complications that prevented it from a addon directory install. I installed this to my old P3DV3 and still no cockpit or landing lights. Such a deal. Pretty sure I have found all the switches needed for the lights.
  11. I was able to sort out the blue streaks on the sides of the canopy. I did find that MV_NL.exe in my texture folder which happens to be in my addon folder. I don't know what MILVZ went against LM's grain when they preferred the Developers place their merch in the addon folder. Others complied and that made things a win win for all. That procmon program is an intimidating program for me to learn. Ive looked at it and seems a bit daunting for me to pick up on. I edited the glass.dds and now it is just fine. I think the mindset of Milviz for the F-86 is install it to you main root directory. I know it will allow you to point to any other locations and if you need to make a directory for it, it will accommodate that. The continuity of the program hinges on a P3D root directory, as evidenced by the detours of some files and folders you suggested BTW, on this forum, I see where I can make edits but how can one delete a post/reply they made?
  12. Landing light do not come on as per manual and don;t see any cockpit or anti smash light eigher (P3D V5.4)
  13. I made the changes as per your suggestions and the ground roll in the cockpit is much better thank you. Those changes quieted the jet noise inside the cockpit and the ground roll sounds were more audible. Now, if the blue tint of the canopy could be changed to a more clear glass color that would be great. For spits and grins, I swapped out the glass dds in the F-100 for the glass in the F-86 and that made a little better difference. What you see here is the stock glass for the F-86. (P3D V5.4)
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