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  1. You'll want to download & install Airport Design Editor from Scruffyduck here: https://www.scruffyducksoftware.com/airport-design-editor I happened to have ADE open while reading this thread, so here's a quick outline. Once up & running, use the "Add Polygon" tool. Define the points of the flatten space (with SimConnect installed, you can trace your live location in the sim to get the coordinates of your points right). Set the polygon as a flatten polygon. Given your terrain spike is on a hill above the airport, you will probably have to fiddle with the altitude value of your flatten. ADE will populate the altitude value as the same as the airport by default. Save, compile, and add the "CVX" file to an active scenery library (HKG airport for example). https://i.imgur.com/8qzo86x.png
  2. You could also try backing up & removing Philadel.bgl from [SimRoot]\Scenery\NAME\Scenery. A quick check in MCX confirms that is the file responsible for the default scenery objects. Of course, that might remove some of the objects with which your sceneries intend to coexist, like the bridges for example, so you might have some trial & error to find the right combination of files. https://i.imgur.com/XujEb7m.png
  3. There was a post on FSDeveloper recently showcasing development for KDAL, although it's been a little quiet lately. That said, the account post history suggests work is ongoing (fixing groundpoly issues and looking for an installer); hopefully that's related to the KDAL project. https://fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/kdal.455251/
  4. It can be a bit tricky finding all their resources since they've redone their site, but I believe this is what you're looking for: https://old.inibuilds.com/p3d-v5-scenery-compatibility-files https://cdn.inibuilds.com/p3dv5-compatibility-files/iniB LIRN P3Dv5 CF.zip Edit: And the dynamic lighting mod for LIRN here: https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/815-aerosoft-naples/
  5. To me it looks like conflicting elevation data, as if the default terrain is set slightly above the scenery elevation. I'd recommend experimenting with elevation adjustments through Airport Design Editor, although there is a bit of a learning curve. Of course, the first thing you should do is create backup copies of the unmodified files so you can restore them. Scruffyduck has a helpful knowledge base: https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/199754-how-do-i-change-the-altitude-of-an-airport https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/199788-how-do-i-change-the-airport-altitude It may take a bit of patience and testing, but anecdotally... this is how I was able to make Aerosoft KSMF work in my P3Dv4 install: Same issue:https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/154017-sacramento-for-v45/&do=findComment&comment=988413 Once I fixed it: https://i.imgur.com/cpYbGWX.jpeg
  6. Just a thought, but I believe Spain practices shaded / covered agriculture (for lack of a better term) for protection against the summer heat, and I believe there are a number of 'farms' around the TFS area (similar to near Almeria, Spain). Perhaps it's the developer's interpretation of this agricultural activity? Street view near TFS: https://www.google.com/maps/@28.0603246,-16.5457525,3a,22.9y,191.01h,88.81t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQrv9unYb927SQEql91GA3w!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 Reference angle near TFS, showing the significant size of these setups:https://www.google.com/maps/@28.0753287,-16.5357379,1181a,35y,216.81h,62.41t/data=!3m1!1e3 Satellite comparison of Almeria, Spain: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.7598887,-2.6632721,22884m/data=!3m1!1e3
  7. I recommend the freewarescenery.com link provided by Sherm. If you take the time to trawl through each country available, you can find some gems. Here are some other freeware resources that I've bookmarked after finding them on freewarescenery.com. OnFinal Studios (Scandinavia / Mediterranean) - http://www.onfinal.dk/index.php Emerald Scenery Design (USA / Solomon Islands) - https://emeraldscenerydesign.com/freeware/#fsx-p3d-airports Flusiboard sceneries for P3D (41 sceneries available) - https://www.flusiboard.com/downloads/category-file-list/20-sceneries/ 3D Model Brasil (South America) - https://3dmodelbrasil.com/ RZanolli Sceneries (Brazil, ex: Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Iguazu Falls) (look for additional postings on the right-hand side under various years/months) - https://rzanollicenarios.blogspot.com/2022/ FSoares Sceneries (Brazil, ex: Florianopolis) (this developer also has a small number of Brazil sceneries on SimMarket) - https://fsoarescenarios.blogspot.com/
  8. The config tool just adds ".off" to the end of the VOBL_Jetways_Static.bgl file located in FSDG-LITE-Bangalore\scenery. If you can't get the tool to work correctly, I recommend manually adding ".off" to the end of that file. To reactivate the static jetways, you would then delete ".off" from the filename. https://i.imgur.com/eb6Osn7.png
  9. For what it's worth Ray, Tropicalsim frequently posts sales on SimMarket. For example, they are currently offering a 35% discount for all *other* products, including their LPPR '2022' version which came out only 5 months ago. I wouldn't be surprised if TNCA is available at a more appealing price in a few months' time, through one of their frequent sales.
  10. FWIW I'm fairly certain this was created by their 'Havant Studio' dev group (who also made LDSP Split), not Gaya Sim (responsible for LGKO, LOWW, ENCN). Naturally, I now can't find the announcement/forum posting that confirms this explicitly, but here's at least one other user that shares that belief! https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/211495-lkpr-václav-havel-airport-prague/?do=findComment&comment=1793114
  11. Hey there, I've picked up a few of them and they've been a bit hit or miss personally. Generally, I'd say these products leave a little to be desired in the quality of 3D-object modeling and texturing, but they make up for that in size & scope of the regions (and also for bringing representation to areas that are otherwise sorely lacking in P3D!). The Saudi Arabia packages don't appear to include much autogen (I suspect these devs are using OpenStreetMap data for generating autogen, and there really isn't much data to build from within Saudi Arabia). That said, I feel like they're improving with each release (check out the newly released Montreal package, which includes seasonal photoscenery for example), and the pricing is reasonable. Some additional input, based on my preferences: ----------- Alpine CapeTown - Disappointing lack of autoogen. Photoscenery area is impressively large, but I personally hate the flat pancake feel of photoscenery without 3D objects, so this was a disappointing product for me. It's currently uninstalled, but on a slow weekend day I might try and merge some of the 3D Objects from the package with ORBX LC Africa, which includes a great rendition of Cape Town. Wouldn't recommend at this time, personally. 👎 Alpine Abu Dhabi - Significant improvement to Abu Dhabi. Good number of custom city objects (Ferrari museum/center, grand mosque, etihad towers) and large quantity of autogen for the city. It is missing some autogen a little in-land from AUH. Friendly FPS, initial testing shows it works fine with Simbreeze OMAA scenery. Haven't flown much into OMAA yet, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Definitely worth considering if you can grab it on sale. 💸 Alpine Atlanta - Large photoscenery area, large quantities of autogen, good updates to downtown proper. FPS friendly. Includes Atlanta's giant new stadium. Recommended for any ATL fliers, and pretty cheap too. 👍 AC Dakar - Again, large photoscenery area (with some color inconsistencies), and large quantities of autogen. Few custom objects, mostly autogen, but a good update to Dakar nonetheless. Not sure I'd pay the full price for this one, but this could provide good value to West Africa fliers if you can grab it on sale. 💸 AC Antalya v2 - If you're going to buy one, this is the one I recommend the most. The photoscenery area is absolutely gigantic. It covers practically the entire Gulf of Antalya, from south of Kemer on the Western side, to beyond Alanya on the Eastern side. Significant quantities of autogen across the entire photoscenery region, compatible with both JustSim LTAI Antalya AND JustSim LTFG Alanya/Gazipasa. Highly recommended for any European/Turkish holiday fliers. 👍 AC San Francisco - I don't own this, but previously lived in the region, and am not impressed by the previews of this product. It appears to have no custom objects, so the rendition of the city is identical to default P3D - just with updated photoscenery and autogen. This means the significant expansion of downtown San Francisco - south of Market St (Salesforce Tower, 181 Fremont St, One Rincon Hill, Transbay Terminal, Renovated Ferry Building) - are ALL missing. So SF is probably great for anyone looking for a circa-2000 version of downtown San Francisco, but I wouldn't expect a modern rendition of the city with this product. It also looks like its using the default P3D objects for the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge. 👎 ----------- Hope that helps!
  12. P3D4 user here who also ran into the CTD problem. I found an interim solution for anyone else that also owns v1 of this scenery. Given that I had v1 working fine in my P3D4 install, I copied and replaced the PhotoDetailXX.bgl files from v1 to v2, and now I no longer experience CTDs. Again, it's not perfect (something to be said about having v4/5-compiled files versus using legacy FSX ones), but it lets me scratch my VTBS itch reliably until a formal fix is published by the developer. YMMV. Screenshot below roughly outlines what I did.
  13. I also suspect it's due to mesh resolution setting. There is a well documented thread on PMDG forums that goes into this bug: https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/pmdg-747-queen-of-the-skies-ii-forum/12208-flight-model-question-glitch-on-landing . I believe invisible walls occur when you are using... 1: airplane above a certain size, 2: a scenery/airport with elevation change around the runway, and 3: a high mesh resolution setting (low numerical value). It's pretty annoying, frankly. Would be nice to have functional, precise elevation changes around runways without interference. I am able to consistently replicate that bug with a resolution of 1m, and that thread mentions both 1m and 5m. So to be safe, I limit mine to 10m when flying heavies, and this has been reliable for me to avoid the invisible wall bug. You might prefer a different value, but I'd start with testing this setting.
  14. Hey Mike, It sounds like a discrepancy between your AFCAD and your GSX profile, but hard to say without diving further into it. I'd hazard a full reinstall is unnecessary, and that it is just a matter of mapping the data correctly. I have mine working fine in P3Dv4.5. Here is my file setup: https://i.imgur.com/a5bdFhX.png. I've boxed/highlighted the pertinent fields. I use my own AFCAD file, so you can see the AFCAD path is adjusted accordingly. Organizationally, I prefer having the GSX ini file in each scenery's "Scenery" folder, as this seems to function all the same for me, and I can keep the afcad_path string limited to just the filename without breaking it if/when I need to move the scenery to a different HDD. Furthermore, wingspan data and airline codes will influence how each gate interacts with your plane. Simply put, if your aircraft's wingspan is larger than the data for the gate, GSX will throw a fit; if you have your airline code listed in the gate, then GSX will look to use the correct textures on the ground equipment. All of this stuff can also be edited in-sim with the GSX editor too, which is a great utility for adjusting the positions of gates, stairs, baggage trucks, etc. as needed. Some troubleshooting questions that may help you get to the bottom of it. Hope this helps! Have you edited the AFCAD or are you using the originally-provided file from ORBX? Surely there are parking locations in your AFCAD file big enough for your aircraft, yes? Is your AFCAD filename correctly listed in the afcad_path field of your GSX ini file? In your GSX ini file, what is the wingspan data for the gate you plan to use? PS - forgot to mention the obvious: gate numbers always need to be aligned in both the AFCAD and GSX ini file. Discrepancies in the gate numbers causes jetways to disappear.
  15. Always good to see a full flight post. ORD looks a bit quiet! Great shots, thanks for sharing!
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