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Strange Flight Plans in multiple FMC's. Anybody observed these?

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Primary Question: I just purchased the PSS Airbus 340-300. Great plane and I highly recommend it so far. Documentation is extensive and I am READING THE MANUALS. So far the only puzzle that I have not been able to figure out is how to successfully import FS9 flightplans which work on the FMC. There are default plans which were loaded with the program that work perfectly. Plans originated from scratch seem to work fine including after they have been saved. All waypoints are named. The presentation is very similar to that of the PSS 747 and 777 or the DF737 FMC's. However; the FS9 imported plans, whether originated from fsnav and exported to FS9, or FS9 FlightPlanner originated flights are corrupt. All waypoints are shown by latitude and longitude, and the distance for the flight is excessively high (i.e. 10,866 miles for KATL-KIAD). Secondary Question:I use the RealCrt gauges in most of my Heavy Aircraft panels. Included is a "TA7x7.FMC" gauge which is a generic FMC. In FS2000 and/or FS2002 I regret that I never really took advantage of this provision, so don't really remember how well it worked there. I have tried to use it in FS9, and found the following. There are default flight plans in the FS9>NavData>FlightPlans folder. The Menu>Load a flightplan selection on the FMC brings these flightplans up, and they look normal, however; when I export flightplans that I originate with fsnav, the data shown in the FMC is corrupt. Waypoints are abbreviated differently and the presentation is also somewhat garbled. Most noticable is that the distance of the flightplan from origin to destination which is always extremely excessive. (i.e KATL-KIAD shows 16,841 miles Very similar to the PSS airbus above). I just assumed that this gauge was not compatible with FS9 for originating new flight plans applicable to the FMC, but with my discovery on the A340 above, I am second guessing that conclusion. Does anyone know if there is a tutorial back somewhere for implementing this gauge, and have you been able to export workable flight plans to it in FS9?Anybody else found these results, and/or are you able to shed any light as to how to get imported flights to be in the correct format and work on these FMC's?Thanks:RTH

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