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Any suggestions guys?
Unless you are running a 10-core, 10GHz system, with scenery on a SSD, and you are sure there is 60cm imagery available for that location, I'd suggest dropping your range to the standard (slider) max of 4.5 and setting the max_lod for 15 (1m) to see how it runs. Scenery range 7.5 is a "little much". It also looks like it's dropping lower res blocks for lack of memory space: if you still have cache_bytes_limit=100000000 (100Mb), raise it to 1000Mb and the cache_tiles_limit=100000 to maybe 150000 to 200000 - all assuming that you have at least 4Gb of RAM.You may be able to increase settings to a higher level AFTER you've made the scenery, but making it takes more CPU power than just flying it. You appear to be asking a bit too much from both programs but without system specs, FSX settings and proxyuser.ini settings I'm just guessing...Loyd

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