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  1. lliaudais

    Panning around in cockpit

    Have you actually turned on Mouse Look? Hold the space bar to engage or lock it on/off with SHIFT+O. It doesn't pan with the mouse by default.Loyd
  2. lliaudais

    FSX eyepoint (virtual cockpit)

    resetting the viewpoint using a saved flight1. The .FLT saves any TRANSLATION and ROTATION of the camera from the default location.2. The VC camera entry in the .FLT file is the one having the VC guid {C95EAB58-9E4A-4E2A-A34C-D8D9D948F078}3. I love spreadsheets for stuff like this BUT Win7 calculator (surely Vista and maybe XP?) has a Conversion mode that does just fine - and there's scores or hundreds of websites that will do the conversion for you. Not everybody has MS Office anyway.4. aircraft cfg defines viewpoint in feet and in the xyz order of previous versions: i.e.longitudinal-lateral-elevation.5. FSX references (cameras, in this case) use LATERAL-ELEVATION-LONGITUDINAL ORDER - or what we would recognize as Y-Z-X order; this should mean just taking the 3rd element and moving it to the front of the 'set' to keep it consistent with the viewpoint definition order.6a. convert translation values to feet and combine with viewpoint values.-Or-6b. set viewpoint in aircraft.cfg to 0,0,0 and move the VC view where you want it and save. The saved translation values, when converted to feet, are EXACTLY the values you want for a viewpoint without the extra step of combining with original viewpoint location values. This is probably the simplest approach.Loyd
  3. No, I wouldn't think so. That is Camera movement and shouldn't have anything to do with 'momentum' of the viewpoint.Loyd
  4. there seems to be 2 lateral (AccelOnHeadLat) parameters in the FSX.cfg "dynamic head movement" section. Why not set these to 0 and see if that does what you want...Loyd
  5. Although I'm depending on aging memory now, I think I had something like this when installing on XP two years ago.During the course of the install you are asked for some locations: The program, the world sceenery and the caches (I think).I'm slowly migrating to W7 (Acelleration is fully functional but TP is not installed yet here); I will set up TP on W7 the same way as XP:Install location C:\TileproxyWorld scenery: sole occupant of a 80G drive that can be defragged as needed in a few minutes (not some 500G or 1T drive that will take 3 days to do).Cache Location: another 80G drive that will hold only the working (current) cache... E:\cacheAtlantic or E:\cacheEuropeSouthWhat I had when it "couldn't create cache folders" was this...The install didn't create the expected main cache folder(s) so the actual failure being encountered was the 1000 subfolders that are created as needed for the actual image tiles didn't have anything to be 'attached' to.You may have to create caches manually but TP then fills them with 1000 subfolders worth of imagery.E:\CacheE:\Cache\000E:\Cache\001E:\Cache\002E:\Cache\003.E:\Cache\998E:\Cache\999The original .ini read something like thiscache_folder=E:\1or cache_folder=1there was no E:\ServiceCache1Once I manually made a cache folder and insured that the ini line matched (cache_folder=E:\ServiceCache1) it worked like it should.It doesn't matter a bit what the caches are named or where they are; so long as the .ini has that exact location specified, it should work.And for Win7, don't put anything in the default Program folders that you want to have control over; you will surely be needing to edit the .ini occasionally, and Windows seems to complain about editing just about anything. If you are still just getting started, it might be a good idea to reinstall to "outside" folders and steer clear of default locations.Loyd
  6. It is common for VISTA and Windows7 to BLOCK access when you install to the default location in the Programs folders.You need to TURN OFF UAC (User Access Control) and/or open Notepad as-administrator in order to edit cfg files.A Panel.cfg may also be inaccessible while using the aircraft. I know I cannot edit effects while they are in use but I CAN edit the aircraft.cfg.Should you need to re-install some day, it is easier to work with FSX if it is installed away from the PROGRAMS folders ( like C:\FSX or on a separate hard drive... G:\FSX). It does NOT need to be in the Programs folder.Loyd
  7. lliaudais

    Get Rid of Snow & Rain Spray

    Try one or more of these; probably the water line, but try the dirt if that doesn't work. Concrete is the ever-so-realistic sparks from wing or tail strike.You can use fx_dummy to block an effect that would still show the default if you merely deleted the line... I've used this handy little file for years... it's in your effects folder.{EFFECTS}wake = fx_wakewater = fx_ dummy //fx_spraydirt = fx_dummy // fx_tchdrtconcrete = fx_dummy // fx_sparkstouchdown = fx_dummy // fx_tchdwn_s, 1Loyd
  8. lliaudais

    Great Places to See TileProxy

    Could be the junction where there is an abrupt end to the higher res island imagery; you'd have to look at the jpg tiles and see if they match what you see. If so, then reduce the blend_distance, and/or adjust blend_exponent, or the transparency "alpha's". Could it also be a poor water mask in that area?Loyd
  9. lliaudais

    Great Places to See TileProxy

    Was over at Missoula (KMSO) earlier today when I remembered how nice the 'new' Idaho was.Svc1 (a little brighter than svc3) at level 16 (2m)Flying out of Shoshone County apt (S83) and headed for Coeur d'Alene (KCOE)I did have to 'line up' the runway at S83 before I'd take his picture...Idaho! It's as purdy as a pitcher...Loyd
  10. lliaudais

    How do I open the .fsr files

    gigemaggs99are you 'loading' with the Options > Flight Video function? and is this file in your "my documents......Flight Simulator X files" folder with other saved flight files and plans.Chap_02_Around_the_lake.FSR functions normally on my system. Downloaded it 10 min ago.Perhaps you have a corrupted file. You might want to download again.That was a boring flight to watch. I have to wonder what the lesson is...Loyd
  11. lliaudais

    How do I open the .fsr files

    FSR... FlightSimulatorRecording. A (probably Binary) file that documents the aircraft travel/position/attitude for replay only.Needless to say, you "open" it with FSX and fly it. This is NOT a video file.If you want to 'mess' with flights recorded in this fashion, it would be better to use FSRecorder for FSX - for which you CAN get a 'decompiler' that allows access and editing of recorded flights. Some pretty neat stuff can be done with it, like playing back a recording as "AI" and flying live with your recorded self - multiple times even.I don't think there's any current way to edit/alter the recorded lesson 'flights'.Hope this answers the question behind the question.Loyd
  12. lliaudais

    Great Places to See TileProxy

    I think this location was pointed out in another thread some time ago and I did a 'tour' at 5m/svc3.It's better still at 2.4m (level 16)...Glacier National Park - kind of like the Lakes District 'on steroids'. It's almost too much; too extensive to absorb.For a 'sample', fly out of 49S or fly across the heart of the area 49S to KFCA.Loyd
  13. lliaudais

    Great Places to See TileProxy

    And a Happy New Year to you also, Mark!No, it's Plan-G... http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/Was just about to add this... but you gotta love mountains... KTEX elev 2767m (Telluride Colorado) at 2.4m svc3You can also head just about any direction from here. I just came back up from a run down to Cortez (KCEZ) following The Dolores River/Hwy 145.Loyd
  14. lliaudais

    Great Places to See TileProxy

    One of my favorite places in the Rockies... just north of the Colorado River and Glenwood Springs (KGWS) - and northwest of KEGE: in the White River National Forest.. The "Hightops" plateau region. I just loves me some canyons!Locationat the top of Grizzly Creek CanyonApproach to Glenwood SpringsNot the 'best' imagery (yet) but maybe someday it'll get better...Loyd
  15. lliaudais

    Great Places to See TileProxy

    I had this location bookmarked but don't recall following it up until this evening... Great locations to view in Flashearth...Did you know some of the famous Crop Circles are quite in evidence near Barnsley along the M1 in the UK?There might be any number of other locations with decent resolution to explore listed on this page:http://www.dnronline.com/earth_map.phpI even stumbled onto a massive impact crater in Central Australia once; I don't remember the name or exactly where it was but when I find it again I'll post it...Loyd