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  1. Try one or more of these; probably the water line, but try the dirt if that doesn't work. Concrete is the ever-so-realistic sparks from wing or tail strike.You can use fx_dummy to block an effect that would still show the default if you merely deleted the line... I've used this handy little file for years... it's in your effects folder.{EFFECTS}wake = fx_wakewater = fx_ dummy //fx_spraydirt = fx_dummy // fx_tchdrtconcrete = fx_dummy // fx_sparkstouchdown = fx_dummy // fx_tchdwn_s, 1Loyd
  2. Could be the junction where there is an abrupt end to the higher res island imagery; you'd have to look at the jpg tiles and see if they match what you see. If so, then reduce the blend_distance, and/or adjust blend_exponent, or the transparency "alpha's". Could it also be a poor water mask in that area?Loyd
  3. Was over at Missoula (KMSO) earlier today when I remembered how nice the 'new' Idaho was.Svc1 (a little brighter than svc3) at level 16 (2m)Flying out of Shoshone County apt (S83) and headed for Coeur d'Alene (KCOE)I did have to 'line up' the runway at S83 before I'd take his picture...Idaho! It's as purdy as a pitcher...Loyd
  4. I think this location was pointed out in another thread some time ago and I did a 'tour' at 5m/svc3.It's better still at 2.4m (level 16)...Glacier National Park - kind of like the Lakes District 'on steroids'. It's almost too much; too extensive to absorb.For a 'sample', fly out of 49S or fly across the heart of the area 49S to KFCA.Loyd
  5. And a Happy New Year to you also, Mark!No, it's Plan-G... http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/Was just about to add this... but you gotta love mountains... KTEX elev 2767m (Telluride Colorado) at 2.4m svc3You can also head just about any direction from here. I just came back up from a run down to Cortez (KCEZ) following The Dolores River/Hwy 145.Loyd
  6. One of my favorite places in the Rockies... just north of the Colorado River and Glenwood Springs (KGWS) - and northwest of KEGE: in the White River National Forest.. The "Hightops" plateau region. I just loves me some canyons!Locationat the top of Grizzly Creek CanyonApproach to Glenwood SpringsNot the 'best' imagery (yet) but maybe someday it'll get better...Loyd
  7. I had this location bookmarked but don't recall following it up until this evening... Great locations to view in Flashearth...Did you know some of the famous Crop Circles are quite in evidence near Barnsley along the M1 in the UK?There might be any number of other locations with decent resolution to explore listed on this page:http://www.dnronline.com/earth_map.phpI even stumbled onto a massive impact crater in Central Australia once; I don't remember the name or exactly where it was but when I find it again I'll post it...Loyd
  8. The Lake District (UK)... what a pretty area -"Small and low" though it may be - at least it seems that way compared to the Rockies!I thought it needed "low and moderately slow" to enjoy so I started with the Cub.Then when I got over to the NE corner I decided to drop down to the Ultralight.But that was a little too slow so I kicked it to 2X. What a blast!Now, thought I, all that is needed to make it a real fun place is to use the location for an Ultralight Rally! In multiplayer.We just need to have someone who knows the area be leader and we could play "follow the leader".I'm going to try it with just FS Recorder and fly wit meself, I'm thinking...Thanks, Noel, for the map link; I had it pretty close but hadn't found but one of the towns you mentioned. I love it!Loyd
  9. Not being from the UK, I'm not familiar with "Lake District"... do you have a centralized airport designation I should start from? or a Lat/Lon limit for the area?Loyd
  10. In the North Cascades National Park and vicinity, the Skagit River runs out of the mountain valleys of some attractive high country.You can fly out of Skagit Regional [KBVS] following state route 20 (immediately south of the field) and the Skagit River eastward into the mountains.The route takes you from KBVS past WA56 and 3W5 at Concrete WA (near Lake Shannon). If you don't want to leave the river and fly all the way up to Washington Pass you can turn around at Diablo Lake and return.There are no other fields until crossing the pass so you might want to choose amphibious or a "bush" plane so you have some way to put down while in the mountains. Service 3 / 2.4mLoyd
  11. Ian,I've thought that we should have such a thread (pinned, of course, so it doesn't get lost). I discovered Bolzen/Bolzano a few weeks ago following the autobahn down from Innsbruck. I agree, it's an exquisite site; a little flaky with the color mix (in places) but still beautiful.. one of the best! Canyons are my favorite dessert!As a second item for the list, The Danube has good resolution from the source to about halfway across Europe. At the moment I'm still in Wales near the Mach Loop... good coverage for this area also. Doing this one at 2.4mLoyd
  12. Howard,UTX has/had a small problem in this area..if you've installed it then you can make the fix mentioned in this this post in the UT forum:http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=22037details the fix - make a backup of your terrain.cfg first!Loyd
  13. kbullet,I'm not aware of a utility/add-on for doing this at present.You can manually place any number of fixed cameras wherever you want but it would take planning ahead and finding the exact viewpoint locations first. Creating the cameras is easy, just lat, long, and metric altitude (use aircraft info display in metric mode). There will be some time lost when switching cameras if new scenery has to load, so you'd need to be able to edit the video (I'd assume) to clean up the finished product. There's a Sample for fixed cameras in the SDK. What it doesn't tell you is that the fixed camera can be made movable but it isn't easy to control - motion is discretely N-S/E-W and to get it moving in exactly the right direction and speed at the right time and looking in the right direction would be quite a trick. We need a talented programmer for that, but if it's possible, someone will do it...Might be easier to have a "cameraman" in multiplayer do the 'filming'.Loyd
  14. Lee,Scenery reload by assigned keystroke?Indeed it does. I happen to use CTRL-F11 for aircraft reload and CTRL-F12 for Scenery reload. It's exactly the same as FS9. And I DO use them frequently!Loyd
  15. Thomas,controls that work during pause but not during flight kind of suggests a conflict of some sort. One of my first thoughts (and I don't recall if you mentioned it): does this happen with both default and add-on aircraft? Do you have a default aircraft with NO aircraft.cfg edits to compare it with. And lastly, sometimes it seems that the control assignments just get flaky. Have you thought about resetting the control assignments to default? - I've had to do it a time or two; just took a few minutes to restore my few alterations; take notes if you've made a bunch of them to your setup.Best of luck,Loyd
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