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  1. Sorry guys, was just me being stupid.....I was not using the right key.....
  2. Hi Rob, I am using sli and notice you refer to SGSS & MS..... are these types only available using Nvidia inspector and do you think NI is a must for using? If so, do you have a list of recommended settings for 2 GTX980 ? Currently running MSAA at 4 and vsync, with FXAA & SSAA both off...... Thank you
  3. Thanks for the advice David, but how can one set of default settings possibly be correct for all the different hardware set ups etc that possible users may have.........? There are like 40 different settings any one of which could have and does have a big effect lord knows how many combinations that is..........and any number of combinations of more or less powerful cards, monitors, GPU memory etc........the default settings cant be right for all of those......not to mention NVCP, for example, do you need to set anything there, or leave it default ? What am I missing here? I like to understand what I am doing........and I dont understand how this could be. Also, I tried the sim when I first installed the new system build and NVI without changing anything and that was where I got the worst performance. I tweaked a few settings and managed to get it about 20% better, but that was it.......... rgds, Mark
  4. Hi, I am starting another thread as my last request for help got lost in sea of replies slagging off win10 and people saying told you so...... Basically, to all people running win10 and an SLi setup, would you mind sharing your NI, NVCP and in game settings, as my P3d install is running at around half the speed it used to before I updated to the final build. Used to get around 50 FPS, now around 25. I know it can work very well, I had it working very well, but the elusive combination of correct settings eludes me for now...thanks PS, I have looked on Robs's site, but there are 2 different pages of NI settings there for 2 drivers, neither of which I am using ....(353.62)
  5. Damn I wish.....same drivers and I cant get much over 25 FPS, when I was getting 50 -60 on previous build / driver combo's....... Would you mind giving details of all your settings for me to try please? (NVCP, NI and in game) Thank you
  6. Myself and many others here have had it working very very well.......it's not a question of the OS or platform being no good, rather a matter of finding\ the right combination of settings for your PC, which I obviously did before. Just hoping someone can save me some time, as I have definitely spent way more time tweaking than flying since I got my new PC.......
  7. Hi OK< been a bit busy with work etc, but finally got time to upgrade. I have P3d running at around 30 FPS in non SLi and between 23 & 30 with SLi enabled....... Can someone who has win10 and is running SLi, please post up their settings for NVCP, Nvidia inspector and in game, as this is very frustrating, after I had it working so good......Thanks, your help appreciated, Mark
  8. Ok, after some fiddling around, I am up to about 22- 28 FPS average, whereas before, I could pretty much guarantee double that.........My nvidia drivers are the latest, how do you manually get the system to update to a newer build? cheers, Mark
  9. Hi, I had to re install P3d after I (to my eternal shame....!) inadvertantly deleted some p3d registry files when uninstalling something. I am and have been for several months a windows insider user of win10 and had P3d running very well, 50-60FPs and great visuals. I also auto upgraded to the latest rollout of win10, build 10162, so the machine is clean and only has windows and p3d clean install on it. I have 2 GTX 970's in Sli, which were also working great with p3d. Current win10 NVidia drivers are 353.30, auto installed by windows. Imagine my consternation when I found that on running the sim, I was only getting 10 FPS...I turned off SLi and it rose to around 15, but it's still running real slow......I have unlinked the .exe from NVidia inspector, but don't really know what else to try.....I can't believe I am running at 20% of what I was before...... Any ideas as to what could possibly be the issue? Thanks, Mark
  10. Hi, I am running windows 10 with a 5820 and 2 970 in sli. P3d runs very well, I don't need much AA with the 4K monitor, my game settings are: MSAA 4 SSAA 0 FXAA 1 TBM=30 FPS=0 TexMaxLoad=30 I usually fly the superbug or A2A GA planes and use photoscenery with fullautogen trees ( from Nuvecta) I have textures max 4096 The sim runs butter smooth between 35 -45 in heavy clouds and 40 - 60 anywhere else, with ASN. I would say great bang for the buck using 970's and a 4K monitor. My monitor is a 40 inch 4K as well, so looks awesome. Using 352.63 drivers Hope that helps
  11. Hi, I share your pain - same story here, migrated over 3 months ago and never looked back and except for this extremely irritating "Feature" I am very pleased. Before you waste loads of time tweaking, be aware that although there are many adjustments you can make to ensure textures nearby load quickly, the ones in the distance are stuck like that because...... Some forum sleuthing will turn up the fact that apparently, LM have "locked" the LOD radius setting at 6.5. I have a dual install of P3d and FSX steam edition on my PC, on the FSXSE install, I can run LOD_radius at 12 and the scenery looks perfect all the way out, not so on P3d. It really ticks me off, when you have some majestic mountains in the distance that are just a blurry mess. I have posted along with others and asked for a why over at the P3d forums, but no one from LM has ever explained. It's strange, as everything else is adjustable ( albeit, they are pretty reticent about the details of how they all work together) in the cfg file, bar this and its the single biggest moan most people have, apart from the OOMs. It's a shame we dont have the freedom to tweak it, as I am sure people with uber computers could well benefit. I hope that LM will look at this when they can or at least explain the rationale behind it, Cheers, Mark
  12. Hi guys, I am running a 4K monitor on 2 x GTX970's.......I am getting 50 FPS with complex planes like the superbug, , REX clouds at 4096 and auotgen trees over my photoscenery. P£D takes a lot of playing with to find settings that work best for you, i did nothing but tweak for about 4 weeks to get mine running right.........I would persevere with the monitor, its awesome for me......
  13. Hi, firstly, I dont have vsync enabled, either in P3d or NVCP. I have tried with it enabled and disabled and it makes no difference. The issue I have is a kind of a tear, horizontally when I pan, its quite fluid though, and visually disconcerting as it makes the scenery "swim". It does it whether you use Track ir or not. Does anyone have any ideas where I should look to try and sort this out ? I have 2 GTX 970 in SLi and its a recent issue, I dont remember having it before and I am pretty sure I have not changed anything that would do this... Cheers, Mark
  14. Hi onebob, I dug a little and turned up that thread, but I think you misunderstand my issue.....my track ir works, ( I had to do the simconnect install thingy to make it so, but it works....) My issue is the stuttery panning, not actually getting the software to work, but thanks anyway.
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