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  1. Hi, just installed the sim......can’t seem to get my trackir5 to work in the sim, could not see anything in the options...can anyone advise -lease? Thanks
  2. Hi Rob, I am using sli and notice you refer to SGSS & MS..... are these types only available using Nvidia inspector and do you think NI is a must for using? If so, do you have a list of recommended settings for 2 GTX980 ? Currently running MSAA at 4 and vsync, with FXAA & SSAA both off...... Thank you
  3. Hi, I share your pain - same story here, migrated over 3 months ago and never looked back and except for this extremely irritating "Feature" I am very pleased. Before you waste loads of time tweaking, be aware that although there are many adjustments you can make to ensure textures nearby load quickly, the ones in the distance are stuck like that because...... Some forum sleuthing will turn up the fact that apparently, LM have "locked" the LOD radius setting at 6.5. I have a dual install of P3d and FSX steam edition on my PC, on the FSXSE install, I can run LOD_radius at 12 and the scenery looks perfect all the way out, not so on P3d. It really ticks me off, when you have some majestic mountains in the distance that are just a blurry mess. I have posted along with others and asked for a why over at the P3d forums, but no one from LM has ever explained. It's strange, as everything else is adjustable ( albeit, they are pretty reticent about the details of how they all work together) in the cfg file, bar this and its the single biggest moan most people have, apart from the OOMs. It's a shame we dont have the freedom to tweak it, as I am sure people with uber computers could well benefit. I hope that LM will look at this when they can or at least explain the rationale behind it, Cheers, Mark
  4. OK, I understand the money is a touchy subject. I have to say, if I count up the money I have spent on scenery, planes & addons for FSX in the last 6 years or so, it would be several hundreds of pounds, probably not far short of $2,000.......many of those, I now dont use, I often think what i should do with them, most you cant pass on, because of the licence. Once I have fully migrated to P3D, I would have the mother of all set ups to dispose of!
  5. Hi, I think the people who don't want to buy the products are being a bit churlish - the superbug is one of the best developed and supported products for FSX and the TACPAC brings some much needed functionality that makes FSX or P3d not far short of products like DCS. Personally , I think it behoves us to support such developers, who are pushing the sim forwards all the time ( all this stuff trickles down). I dont know the economics, but I am sure none of the staff are driving lambos and smoking fine cigars everyday at our expense.......and these are the people keeping FSX and our hobby alive. I just migrated to p3d and have spent a few hundred dollars on p3d versions of various planes and add-ons, not to mention 2 copies of p3d, one for my win7 install, as I was having controller issues and am using a dual boot install, win 7 and win10. I do appreciate not everyone has the disposable income, however, if you can, these people need our support.
  6. That was shockingly quick, my respects Tom and condolences to your family, thank you for everything you did here at Avsim, certainly a fitting legacy. RIP
  7. And check out Corsica!!!!!Btw, anyone have any idea how to tweak the water mask setytings to avoid the nasty blocky stuff as seen in the first shot?So many places to fly.....so little time! Cheers, Mark
  8. Hey Loyd, Idaho looks, pretty good, nice colours. i will put it on my list....Here are some teasers of what you can expect in the Alps....There is more here: http://s499.photobucket.com/albums/rr353/CoBMrTube/
  9. I got around to posting up my Arizona shots, also some shots of a flight out of Bolzano, as recommended b y Ian. He was right!! It was STUNNING!! There is some great quailty imagery there, its a shame the whole of the Alps is not so good. Anyway, a couple of arizona, followed by a couple of what you can expect from Bolzano:Cheers, Mark
  10. Hey Loyd, ( Happy New year !!) are you using FS Earth for that neat little map attachment there? Cheers, Mark
  11. Hey Ian, I have only made one attempt at Europe and service 1, i tried the Val D'Aosta, but did not have great results. Perhaps a bit of tinkering with settings required ! Will have a look over the Holidays.BTW, I did a flight last night over Arizona, there is some amazing colours there out in the painted desert and surroundings. Will post up shots later...Cheers,Mark
  12. How about this, Moab, Utah, great quality coverage and amazing scenery and colours = VFR heaven.......Moab, Utah: And the old favourite, Grand Teton national Park Cheers, Mark
  13. Hi Dundee, what is service 2 ? Not aware of that one..cheers, Mark
  14. HE HE !!!, Yes indeed Loyd, you yanks are well and truly spoiled for scenery over there, what little mountains and wild stuff we have is the size of a carpark compared to the vast expanses in the Western USA. There are some nice mountains in Scotland, I dont know what the coverage is like on service 1, but I just brought Horizon simulations western Isles product, which is at 60cm resolution. I will investigate. Thanks for the flight plan , it works a treat, and yes, I was flying the wrong route !! Talking of amazing places to fly, have any of you guys discovered Jacksons Hole in Wyoming? Did a flight there last night and was blown away!! Will post some piccies later. Cheers,MarkEdit: I asked if they could make this thread a sticky and Jeremy kindly obliged, so we can post our discoveries of great places to fly Tileproxy here from now on. Screenshots may disappear after a month however....
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