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  1. mdexter

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    I am having major issues with the water, can I just revert back to my old waterconstants.xml and keep the other Shader 3 settings intact at all?
  2. mdexter

    Best 727 for FSX WIN7 x64 ?

    Er, umm ok.....:):).Alan, can a 2D Panel be merged at all? its does look great though Alan, will have to check out the reviewMany thanks Alan
  3. mdexter

    Best 727 for FSX WIN7 x64 ?

    hi Ryan, NP at all, maybe you can add a 2D Panel Merge maybe....anyone use this addon at all??
  4. mdexter

    Best 727 for FSX WIN7 x64 ?

    Ryan Many thanks, I checked it out it only says it has guages etc, does it actually have a 2D Panel at all, anyone use this package?Many thanks in advance......
  5. Hi all,I am lloking at getting some payware for the Best 727 for FSX Win7 x64. I am wanting something with VC and 2D as well.I have been doing some reading and the Dreamfleet 727's seem to have a lot of issues working with Win7 x64 so I dont want to buy and find out it doesnt work.Could someone advise me what is considered a good 727 - 100 & 200 Package for FSX that has 2D + VC and a good repaints etc that should work with Win7 x64.Many thanks in advance....