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Fs9:Correct path for Navigraph NavData?

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HiI'm little confused about where should be installed Navigraph Navdata?See post:http://forum.navigraph.com/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=2501As I understand and it was a case before last cycle, SID/STARS goes in:FS9: FS-Path\PMDG\SIDSTARS And Navdata:airports.datwpNavAPT.txtwpNavRTE.txtfmc_ident.TXTwpNavAID.txtwpNavFIX.txtgoest to:for FS9: FS-Path\FMCWP\NavDataI didn't know that first revision of installer puts All files in FS-Path\FMCWP\.Should I have a problem if manually copy all SIDSTARS data from FMCWP\SIDSTARS to FS-Path\PMDG\SIDSTARS? ThanksEdin

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