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Brett Nicholls

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Hi to all. Still patiently waiting for the NGX. I have a A2A Piper Cub and with Accu Sim applied it is a very cool plane to fly. I love the way it taxis. Accu Sim have applied their software to a couple of four engine aircraft as well as some other high proformance aircraft and looking at their promo videos look very impressive. So I'm wondering how would a commercial jet airliner go with Accu Sim applied to it, mainly the 737NGX. Anyway just a thought. I'll just keep waiting.

Brett Nicholls

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Isn't AccuSim just a fancy brand name of A2A Simulations, rather than a company of its own?As I understand it, AccuSim is mostly about the simulation of the engine and, until now, AccuSim only covered vintage aircraft with piston engines. Maybe they'll venture into jet engines when they release their F-4, who knows. But that said, I am not sure if the AccuSim concept in it's current form is viable for a FADEC controlled turbofan engine in a commercial airliner, since all of the engine is operated by computers and the only input from the flight deck is the position of the thrust lever. While it's possible to overrev, flood, choke,...etc. pp. the engine in the Cub, it's certainly not possible (or at least very hard to do) in any modern airliner, thus making many of the AccuSim features redundant. Maybe something like AccuSim could be used to simulate compressor surges and stalls, which would be interesting.Generally I think PMDG will provide the same, if not more, fidelity with the NGX than any AccuSim aircraft, so their wouldn't be much of a gain if AccuSim could be applied to the NGX.

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