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  1. Hi, I saw where a chap had asked if he already had thr GTN 750 if he could get the 650 at a discount. He was told no. I am thinking of getting the 750 for Xplane 11. I had bought the 750 for FSX but dont fly it anymore. I was wondering in this circumstance would it be possible to get a discount. Regards
  2. Thanks Warchild. What I was not doing was changing the prompt box from read only. All good Cheers
  3. Sorry you will have to do better than that. It does not show in the livery manager. All I get is the 4 varients that came with the original. Nothing shows up in the other side. Cheers
  4. Hi Ryan, sorry but I can not get my livery manager to work. I download the add-on, unzip it but it does not show up in the livery manager. Please Help. Cheers
  5. New Computer:

    Asus P8P67 Pro, 2500k@ 4.4ghz

    4 Gig Gskill memory C8

    Ati 4850 512 gig

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