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Saitek Cyborg F.L.Y 5 throttles issue

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Hello,I recently bought a new joystick, the saitek cyborg FLY 5 with dual throttles. After installation and calibration It works very well apart from one thing, the throttles when used on add ons such as LVLD 767, feelthere 737 or PMDG 737. I run FS2004. What happens is that when I start my take off roll, I move the throttles till about 50% N1 and then I press the TOGA button I configured also on the joystick.So far everything goes well, the engines increase power till the TOGA N1 settings and the throttle hold message on the PFD is displayed. Then, just after my rotation, for unknown reasons, the power suddendly decreases to about 60%, completely ruining my take off...This does not seem to happen when I do a manual take off (throttles moved manually till the take off power) and it does not happen when in flight and when the autopilot is engaged and managing the power and speed etc...I am a bit frustrated about it as my previous joystick (a simpler but reliable logitech attack 3) never did that.Some help would be greatly appreciated.ThanksJean-Philippe

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